While most are familiar with the traditional smoking of cannabis flower in a joint, in the last decade or so a new way to experience our favorite plant has emerged. Dabbing is the newest method of enjoying cannabis, but what is it exactly? And how do you dab? Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about this cutting edge technique.

What Is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method of consuming concentrated cannabis oils by dropping a small amount on a heated surface and allowing it to vaporize and be inhaled. It typically involves the use of a glass water pipe or “rig”, with a specialized heating attachment known as a “nail”, or “banger”. Dabbing works much like smoking a traditional bong, but allows you to take advantage of a new breed of super strong cannabis concentrates.  

Cannabis Concentrates

The dabbing method has evolved as a way to consume cannabis oils. These are concentrated extracts where the psychoactive trichomes of cannabis are removed from the inert green plant materials in order to produce a potent sticky oil. Concentrates can come in many forms with names such as wax, shatter, or budder, for example, and most dispensaries will carry a large variety for you to try. 

Benefits of Dabbing

The first big benefit of dabbing is potency. Cannabis concentrates are incredibly strong, which means you only need to consume a very small amount of them to feel the effects. 

However, the major benefit of dabbing is healthiness. Smoking the plant materials of cannabis results in the inhalation of a number of toxins and carcinogens, therefore vaping dabs, which contain little or no plant matter, are much healthier for you, and are one of the cleanest ways to consume cannabis.

How To Dab

Dabbing can be a little complicated compared to traditional smoking methods and does require some specialized equipment. Experienced dabbers use a dab rig like this Ery Glass Rig, a nail or banger like this Fusion Banger, a dab tool to handle the concentrates, and also blowtorch. However, if you’re new to dabbing, then we’d highly recommend starting with an all in one e-rig such as a Focus V Carta, which makes dabbing an absolute breeze. 

Once you have the right equipment however, dabbing is a simple process. Just heat your nail up to between 380 and 420 degrees F, and then use a dab tool to collect some concentrate and drop onto your nail. It will immediately begin to bubble allowing you to inhale the vapor through your dab rig much like a traditional bong. And that’s it!

If you are interested in learning more about dabbing, then be sure to check out the Dab Nation Knowledge Base which covers everything aspect of dabbing in extensive detail.