Many rosin makers might see rosin chips as nothing more than a waste product of their beautifully clear and potent solventless rosin. However, these leftovers still have a lot to offer, so don’t be in a hurry to throw them away as there’s plenty you can do with rosin chips.

What are Rosin Chips?

Rosin chips are the by-product of pressing flower rosin in a rosin press. Once the oils have been squeezed from your bud, you’ll be left with a flat green chip of cannabis. Despite the majority of the cannabis oils being removed in the process, these rosin chips still contain plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes, and you can make good use of them with the following methods.

Re-Press Rosin Chips

The simplest thing you can do with leftover rosin chips is to re-press them. Of course the lion’s share of cannabinoids and terpenes will have been removed in the initial press, however, a useful amount will remain in your chips and you can simply re-press them to squeeze out the remaining. Double squeezed rosin will not taste as nice or smoke as smoothly, but if you’re out of fresh bud then some rosin chips will do in a pinch. 

Make Cannabutter for Edibles

Probably the best use for your rosin chips is to make cannabutter. This is a relatively simple process you can do at home and results in a cannabis infused butter that can be added to a huge number of recipes. Leftover rosin chips are the perfect candidate here, so why not turn everything into an edible with some cannabutter?

Rosin Chip Infusions

If you’re a fan of oil based infusions like RSO, then why not try making them yourself? Oil based infusions are probably the most difficult technique to learn on this list, and you’ll need some extra equipment and knowhow. However, once mastered you’ll open up a whole new world of sublingual oils made from your leftover rosin chips.

Rosin Chip Tinctures

Similarly to oil based infusions, you can also make alcohol based tinctures as well. This is a simpler process that requires nothing more than submerging a handful of rosin chips in an alcohol of your choice, and then leaving it for around a month to infuse. Eventually, you’ll be left with a potent cannabis infused tincture you can use to make canna cocktails.

Whether it be re-pressing, making cannabutter, or infusing into oils or tinctures, don’t let your rosin chips go to waste when you have plenty of options for reusing them.