No serious dabber or solventless rosin maker’s toolbox is complete without a quality set of dab tools. Manipulating concentrates with ease is a vital aspect of the dabbing game, and when it comes to choosing the right tools for the job we recommend Skilletools for their excellent quality and well priced dab tools. One of our most popular offerings is the Skilletools Waxon, so, let’s take a look at this killer dabber, and also some other available options.

Skilletools Waxon

The Skilletools Waxon is a versatile dual purpose dab tool constructed from high quality stainless steel. It’s large size and lightweight make the Waxon a capable and easy to use tool, and sporting both flat palette and knife blade ends means you’ll be able to handle a large variety of concentrate consistencies with just a single implement. However, if you’re looking for a more complete set of dab tools, Skilletools have much more to offer.

Skilletools Pro Tools

Moving on from the Waxon, here at Rosin Tech we’d recommend taking a look at the Skilletools Pro Tools set which includes an additional dab tool for a solid one-two punch. Built from the same high quality stainless steel, the Pro Tools set brings more to the party with a scoop, palette, and arrow head blade tips which means you’ll have even more capabilities over the Waxon.

Skilletools Dab Tools: Masterkit

If you’re a dabbing connoisseur, then look no further than the Skilletools Master Kit. When you need to deal with every possible concentrate consistency out there, there’s nothing better than a complete set of dabbing implements. The Skilletools Masterkit packs together six of the most popular dab tools into a portable hard shell wallet. From scoops, scrapers and hooks, to palettes, blade edges and point tips, there’s nothing you won’t be prepared for with the Skilletools Master Kit.

Skilletools XL Scraper and XXL Tool

If you’re a commercial producer however, you’re going to need some large scale heavy duty collection equipment, and the Skilletools XL Scraper and XXL Tool are just what the doctor ordered. The XL Scraper is a large double ended dab tool that sports a flared 1 inch scraper for collection and also a palette tip for dabbing too, and its big brother the XXL Tool is specifically designed for mass production with a huge 3 inch scraper making it the ultimate collection tool for solventless rosin producers.

Be sure to check out our complete range of Skilletools dab and collection tools for more options, because no matter your needs, there’s the perfect dab tool for you.