More and more dab heads are taking up rosin making thanks to the simplicity of the process, and the accessibility of pressing equipment. However, while making good rosin is relatively easy, making the best rosin is another story altogether. So, for those chasing ultimate rosin quality, here’s all the important factors that make a difference.

Selecting Your Starting Material

When it comes to selecting starting material to make the ultimate rosin, there’s only one viable option, and that’s the highest grade bubble hash available. Although it’s possible to produce some fantastic rosin pressing with flower or dry sift, these methods simply cannot reach the upper echelon of quality that we are looking for. That’s why you should always use four or five star bubble hash if you are chasing the ultimate quality. 

Filtration Practices

The importance of diligent filtering practices cannot be understated, and one of the most vital aspects of creating the best rosin possible is using high quality ultra fine meshes to filter out as many plant lipids, waxes and debris as possible. Unfortunately, there’s a trade off between quality and yield, and when using filter bags with smaller micron ratings in order to chase quality, you’ll almost certainly end up with less rosin overall. The hard truth is that you will need to sacrifice some yield to produce the ultimate rosin.

Time and Temp

Using rough time and temperature ranges while pressing can be a good starting point. However, every strain of bubble hash you press will behave differently, a few degrees higher or lower, or a handful of seconds shorter or longer can have a dramatic effect on your end results in terms of color, flavor, potency, and yields. That’s why it’s important to experiment to dial in optimum settings. We recommend using small sample batch testing to determine optimum time and temperature before running the bulk of your starting material. That way you’ll be able to apply the perfect settings to produce the best possible rosin. 

Curing Rosin

Another underrated aspect of ultimate rosin making is curing practices. Although optional, curing can produce some interesting results that can improve flavor and long term stability of solventless rosin. Both hot and cold methods exist, so be sure to check out our Curing Rosin: Everything You Need To Know article for an overview of what curing has to offer.  

Good Tools Equal Ultimate Rosin

Using good tools will make a world of difference to your end product. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be making the ultimate rosin with a pair of hair straighteners. In order to produce top quality solventless rosin you’re going to need quality equipment such as a pro rosin press like an RTP Smash™, and also high quality rosin filter bags at the very least. Investing in an upgrade from a simple home setup will also make a huge difference to your rosin quality, so be sure to check out our complete range of rosin making equipment for more options.