Technology is a bit like a shark. No, not terrifying. It’s like a shark in that if it stops moving, it dies. There is always a way to produce more efficiently or just to produce more or, in the case of today’s subject, to make your life easier. At the end of 2018, we were proud to unveil the most technologically advanced member of the Rosin Tech family: The Rosin Tech Pro Touch. This model finally pushes the rosin press to the cutting edge by offering a dab press that incorporates state-of-the-art touchscreen technology( Rosin presses equipped with touch-sensitive LCD screens are all the rage, but why is the addition of a touchscreen such a huge benefit to the rosin press we already know and trust? 

More User-Friendly Than a PID Controller

While simply adding a touchscreen to a rosin heat press may not sound wildly different than just using a tried-and-true PID controller(, there are a host of benefits that come along with the touchscreen technology. But let’s start with the basic touchscreen itself. While a PID controller is pretty simple, the touchscreen adorning the Rosin Tech Pro Touch is downright intuitive. Even someone with the most basic understanding of rosin technologies can easily operate a rosin heat press outfitted with a touchscreen interface. 

A Rosin Heat Press That Tracks, Records and Reports

But where the addition of a touchscreen really comes in handy to rosin producers is in its tracking and reporting features. This is a dab press that connects to WiFi, allowing you to communicate reports via Excel files straight to your email. It’s a reliable way to collect solid data with machine precision. Accountability finally arrives in the modern age with the technical precision of a Rosin Tech Pro Touch. You can save strain settings, accounting for individual plate temperatures, length of press, and micron bag size while storing all of the information, easily accessible through the “History” touch button. 

Why the Rosin Tech Pro Touch is the Best Rosin Press for Consistency

The Pro Touch

Prior to touchscreen technology being applied to rosin technologies, a premium product required a manufacturer with the Midas touch to painstakingly test a strain with a variety of factors including temperature, timing, and pressure. Then, those factors needed to be recreated over and over again. It wasn’t a process that could be comfortably handed over to a less-experienced press operator. While the Rosin Tech Pro Touch won’t eliminate the initial testing, it does allow the torch to be passed after that first run. That’s because you can use the LCD interface to program and save your settings once your rosin artisan has determined the sweet spot. It allows a busy manufacturer to get the most out of a trainee or rosin apprentice while maintaining consistency of a prime product.