Understand what makes hash its specific rating from extraction expert Ben Mccabe of Rosin Tech Labs.

Thanks to the rise of cannabis concentrates like solventless rosin, hash making is experiencing a renaissance. The refinements in hash quality that have occurred in the last few years alone is breathtaking, and it has resulted in a wider range of hash qualities being available for purchase. 

In response to this, producers have now established a rating system that is beginning to appear on product packaging. It’s designed to let you know exactly how good a given hash is on a scale of 1 to 6 stars. Generally though, this 6 star system is divided into 3 tiers, low, mid, and high grade. So, let’s explore the solventless hash rating system, and what that means for rosin makers when selecting the best hash to press with.

1 and 2 Star Hash

Coming in at the low end of the scale is 1 and 2 star hash. This is typically made from the kind of rough kief that collects in your grinder. While an excellent addition to a flower joint for extra kick, this grade of hash is simply not suitable for pressing into rosin. 

2 Star Hash

Hashes that are only 1 or 2 stars are usually made up of less than 50% trichomes, with the other half consisting of organic detritus. This abundance of plant matter will seriously compromise your end results, so it’s best to avoid pressing with it, and to opt for something a little more refined instead.

3 and 4 Star Hash

4 Star Hash
(credit: mmjmenu.com)

In the mid-range is where you will find the vast majority hashes residing, and these are also the best for pressing into rosin. This range is often known as “half melt” because it tends to only partially vaporize when dabbed, leaving significant residue behind. While this grade of hash may not be great for dabbing, it’s perfect for pressing into rosin. That’s because the rosin process will transform a mid-grade hash into a high-grade concentrate. 

For this grade of hash, flower is typically sifted through fine micron filtering, meaning there will still be a small amount of plant matter. However, it’s significantly less than what’s found in 1 or 2 star hash, and so produces excellent results when pressed into rosin. 

5 and 6 Star Hash

5 Star Hash
(credit: cannabis.net)

At the high end of the hash rating system is where you will find the best hash in the world. 5 and 6 star hash is of such high quality that it will evaporate completely, leaving no residue behind. Subsequently called “full melt,” it’s a level of quality that’s difficult to achieve. However, because the process often results in small yields, it comes with a high price tag.

Honestly, this level of hash is so good that it doesn’t need to be pressed into rosin, and it’s more likely you’ll ruin the stuff rather than make a better concentrate. So, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on hash of this quality, just dab it. 

In conclusion, you should avoid pressing with 1 and 2 star hash completely, it’s simply not good enough. Instead, focus your attention on the best value in the 3 to 4 star range when selecting a hash to press into solventless rosin. And remember, 5 and 6 star hashes are perfect just the way they are and should be vaped as is.