Bubble hash production is a difficult and complicated process with a high skill ceiling and the need for a lot of specialized equipment. While producers tend to focus on obvious critical items such as hash washing machines, freeze dryers, and quality starting material, many overlook simpler aspects of ice water extraction such as water resources. However, the importance of water in bubble hash production cannot be overstated.

Ice Water Extraction: The Importance of Water

As a commercial producer it’s up to you to ensure your produce is clean and safe for public consumption. That means the water you use in your extraction lab must be free of any contaminants or pollution in order to comply with safety regulations. Furthermore, when producing bubble hash at scale, you’re going to need an abundant supply of treated purified  water to keep your operation running smoothly.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

For commercial producers there’s only one practical choice for supplying your extraction lab with sufficient quantities of purified water, and that’s with the use of a reverse osmosis system. Here at Rosin Tech we highly recommend OptiPure reverse osmosis systems like the BWS350 because of its multi stage filtration, large 16 or 50 gallon storage tank, and its ability to reliably produce up to 400 gallons of purified water per day. 

Bubble Hash: Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

The OptiPure system removes 97% of Total Dissolved Solids or TDS in its first two stages which ensures your water is contaminant free, and reduces water hardness and chlorine levels that can have adverse effects on the flavor and cleanliness of your end product. Furthermore, the system also also reintroduces and blends balanced mineral additions which results in perfectly optimized water for consistent bubble hash production.

Sinks & Benches

In addition to a reverse osmosis system, a professional extraction lab will also need the equipment to handle and drain the large amounts of water involved in bubble hash making. Water and corrosion resistant stainless steel sinks and benches are absolutely vital for smooth operations within your lab, and we stock a number of options. These are restaurant kitchen grade products which are designed for heavy use which means they’re robust and will last the distance.

As you can see, there’s a lot that goes into building a pro extraction lab and water treatment is one of the most vital aspects of the game. That’s why we stock a wide variety of high quality gear, so, be sure to check out our complete range of commercial ice water extraction equipment for more options.