Iceolator is the original bubble hash production method from Amsterdam’s Pollinator Company

Ice-o-lator hash, bubble hash, ice water hash, it’s the hashish of many names. Invented by Amsterdam’s Pollinator Company in the late 1990s, ice water extraction has become the pinnacle of hash making, and is now used all over the world to create the best hashish in existence.

Ice-O-lator is, in fact, the brand name of Pollinator’s pioneering filter bag system that made bubble hash a reality, and in cannabis circles, the term has become so synonymous with ice water extraction that many now use it in everyday lexicon, just like we do with “Band-Aid” or “Kleenex”.

What is Ice-O-Lator Hash?

In the early ‘90s, Mila Jansen “The Hash Queen” of Amsterdam invented the original Pollinator dry sift tumblers and transformed hash making for the first time. Not ones to rest on their laurels however, the newly founded Pollinator Company got to work on an entirely new method of hash making: Ice water extraction. 

By submerging cannabis in ice cold water and then agitating the mixture, it’s possible to shake its resinous trichomes away from the plant material for collection, and in 1998 having perfected the technique, the Pollinator Company introduced the world to ice water extraction with their innovative Ice-O-Lator filter bag system, and the term “ice-o-lator hash” was born.

Hash making process with fresh frozen buds and material

Ice-O-Lator Hash: Incredibly Purity

This new method of trichome collection really turned heads on its arrival. Ice water extraction provided a way to separate plant detritus and leaf matter that would normally be collected with traditional hash making practices away from the trichomes to produce a much cleaner hashish. 

Furthermore, with the use of multiple mesh filters, it became possible to further refine hash so that only the cream of the trichome crop was collected, and that resulted in not just a purer hashish, but also a more potent concentrate than had ever existed before.

The Best Hash in The World

Over the last 20 years, ice-o-lator hash has come to dominate the world of solventless concentrates, and in doing so has created a whole new level of 5 and 6 star full melt hashes. It should come as no surprise then that the term ice-o-lator has become ubiquitous with bubble hash production. Afterall, the vast majority of bubble hash makers today still rely on that pioneering filter bag system to create the best hash in the world.

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