With not much to do lately, there’s finally time to make and enjoy some nice heady edibles. But as some of you may have learned the hard way, making a decent edible isn’t simple; it involves a bunch of steps, like decarbing and infusing, leaving a lot of opportunity to accidently waste an expensive amount of bud. That’s why we’ve recently fallen in love with The Herbal Infuser, to cut the guesswork and room for error out of our new edible hobby.

Say HI to The Herbal Infuser

The Herbal Infuser by Herbal Infusions is a sleek, easy to use cannabis edible making device which allows you to enjoy infused butters, oils, tinctures, syrups and more, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. To take the mystery out of successful infusion, the Herbal Infuser has three easy to use presets, including an express 45-minute infusion mode, a 90-minute cycle, and even a 4-hour slow cook setting. 

This culinary cannabis companion will look right at home on your countertop and efficiently tucks away into any kitchen cabinet when not in use. Not to mention, the Herbal Infuser also comes bundled with a strainer, organic hemp filters, and a measuring cup to keep you covered during every step of the process.

Signature HI Presets

Through trial and error, the folks at Herbal Infusions have painstakingly calculated optimal infusion times for best results and whittled them down into three infusion presets. 

The 45-minute mighty fast preset infuses rapidly, provides excellent potency, and you won’t have to wait around. If you do have a little more time on your hands, you can choose a 90-minute cycle which will give your cannabis more time to sit and infuse, which ultimately improves your concoctions. 

Additionally, there’s even a super low and slow setting that’s perfect for infusing alcoholic tinctures. It’s not just about butter and oil with this handy device, you can also infuse whisky, vodka, tequila, you name it. 

Perfect Edibles Every Time

There’s a lot that can go wrong when infusing cannabis into butters, oils, and alcohols – it is, after all, cannabis chemistry. That’s why having an automated appliance that hits the perfect times and temps needed for successful infusion is so important. 

RuffHouse Studios using the Herbal Infuser.

Best of all, with the programmed presets, the Herbal Infuser will terminate at exactly the right time, meaning there’s no chance of accidentally over doing it and wasting a whole heap of cannabis. So, if you’re a baker looking to raise your game, then check out The Herbal Infuser and make flawless edibles every time with minimum fuss.