If you’re a cultivator or producer looking to get into the concentrate game, then setting up a pro rosin extraction lab should definitely be high on your agenda. Owing to the simplicity and safety of the rosin process, setting up a solventless extraction lab is one of the most cost effective ways to enter the concentrate market. You’ll need all the right equipment for the job of course, but here at Rosin Tech we’ve got you covered. From presses and extraction machines, to filter bags and concentrate tools, we’ll guide you through everything that you need to setup up as a pro rosin producer.

Before you get started however, you will need to make a key decision surrounding which trichome extraction method to go with, ice water extraction or dry-sifting. Both methods have their advantages, but which one you choose will depend on your aims as a rosin maker. Are you looking to make the most rosin for the best price? Or are you out to produce the finest dabs known to man? 

Ice Water Extraction Setup

If the answer to that last question was: “I want to be the king of rosin”, then ice water extraction is the way to go. Firstly, you’ll need an ice water extraction machine like this Bubbleator® XL, which is a great entry level option. However when it comes to commercial scale production, it can be worthwhile investing in an industrial grade machine like our Rosin Tech Hash Washer Pro™. It may be an expensive option, but when you need your equipment to work day after day for years on end, then it can be worth the long term investment. 

You’re also going to use copious amounts of both clean water and ice. That means for the commercial producer that you will also need a reverse osmosis system, in addition to an ice machine. Furthermore, with all that water in your extraction lab, you’re going to need some corrosion resistant stainless steel sinks and benches to work on. Plus, don’t forget you’ll also require a machine to dry your water hash, and we recommend Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers for that job.

As you can see, ice water extraction is a major commercial undertaking, but if you’re looking to go head to head with the best rosin producers in the world, then you’re going to have to invest in a bubble hash setup, because this is the level of your competition.

Dry-Sift Extraction Setup

On the other hand, you could save yourself a whole heap of time, effort, and money by going for a dry-sift extraction setup. With dry-sifting you forgo that laundry list of equipment required for bubble hash making, and can replace it all with just one simple machine: Dry-Sift tumblers like these Pollen Masters

Loading a Pollenmaster.

Dry-sift tumblers are cheap, easy to use, and incredibly fast. Not to mention, from a commercial standpoint, the economics of dry sifting cannot be overlooked. Of course by using dry-sift hash you will be trading off ultimate quality and yield for cost effectiveness. However, it is absolutely possible to make high grade rosin using dry-sift extraction, although it’s unlikely you’ll be winning any High Times Cannabis Cups.

Pro Rosin Presses

When it comes to a professional solventless rosin setup, a small simple home press is just not going to cut it. You’re going to need a press with greater capabilities than your average squeezer. 

Fine digital control over time, temperature, and pressure settings are vital when it comes to commercial rosin production, and of course a larger press will allow you to make larger quantities for sale. There’s also the question of durability. With your rosin press being your principal piece of equipment that you will be running continuously, it’s important to invest in a pro grade press that will be able to handle extensive and continuous use. We recommend our Rosin Tech Pro™or Pro Touch™ presses for commercial producers as they tick all the necessary boxes for control, durability, and capacity.

Additionally we do recommend the use of pre-press molds like this RTP Pre-press Mold. Pre-pressing your filled filter bags before hitting them with the main press can help massively to prevent blowouts, so they’re well worth the investment. 

Filter Bags and Parchment Paper

Ultimately as a commercial producer, you’re going to need an inexhaustible supply of both micron filter bags and parchment paper to collect rosin on. Every press you do will use up at least one of each of these, so it’s critical to have a good supplier and healthy stocks of both. 

Of course, here at Rosin Tech we supply our very own seamless filter bags, which are available for bulk purchase of up to 1000 units. Additionally we stock a selection of varying micron sizes, and also our recommended RTP Pre-Folded Parchment Paper

Collection Tools

Finally, let’s not forget about collection tools. Finished solventless rosin can come in many consistencies, from hard shatters to gooey oils, and being able to manipulate and collect your fresh pressed rosin is another important consideration. 

Skillet Tools is just one of the few collection options on the market.

It’s recommended to invest in a full suite of quality concentrate tools. Not only will they live up to the hard life you’ll put them through, but you’ll also be well equipped to deal with every type of consistency there is. We also recommend the use of Slick™ Pads and heat mats which really help handling rosin.

There you have it, the complete solventless extraction lab. So what are you waiting for? Time to start mass producing rosin today!