Rosin heat plates are easily the most important part of your rosin press. They handle all the heat and pressure of solventless rosin making, so it’s critical to be using the highest quality plates available, like our industry leading RTP press plates.

Heat Plates For Rosin Press: Durability

Your heat plates take the brunt of the punishment when it comes to pressing solventless rosin, and a key consideration with quality heat plates is long term durability. Countless applications of intense pressure and heat takes its toll, so investing in some heavy duty aluminum plates with real build quality is a must for serious rosin makers.

Rosin Heat Plate: Thermal Performance

Even more essential than durability is thermal performance, which is an area where our aluminum heat plates excel. Conducting heat in an efficient and controllable way is one of the most important qualities required of a rosin heat plate, and our RTP press plates have exceptional thermal conductivity, allowing for rapid and consistent transfer of heat to your starting material.

Replacement Heat Plate

Eventually however your heat plates will need to be replaced. For commercial rosin producers running multiple machines continuously, it’s good to have backups at the ready so you can keep your operation running at maximum capacity. Here at Rosin Tech we stock a plentiful supply of replacement heat plates for every model of RTP press, so, whether it be a smaller RTP Twist™, or a bigger RTP Pro Touch™, we’ve got you covered.

All our plates are specifically engineered for our flagship RTP presses, so be sure to check out the complete range for more information.