The time honored stoner holiday is making a comeback this year

2020 was a bust for live 4/20 events thanks to COVID-19, but this year as we emerge from lockdown there’s a lot to get excited about. While we are not in the clear yet as regards to the pandemic, there’s still plenty of activities taking place this 4/20, including the return of smaller reduced capacity in-person festivals. So, let’s take a look at what’s going down in 2021 on 420.

Virtual 420 Events

The Emerald Cup

The Emerald Cup is one of Northern California’s premier cannabis events. As champions of sustainable outdoor farming practices, the EC brings industry experts, educators and farmers together to showcase the finest organic, sun-grown cannabis Northern California has to offer. While there won’t be a large outdoor event this year, The Emerald Cup have launched their own TV channel, so anyone can stream the entire week of music, competitions, and seminars on Social Club TV.

Weedmaps 4/20 Live Stream

This 420, Weedmaps will be hosting the world’s biggest virtual 4/20 celebration with “Higher Together: Sessions From Home”, a live-streamed event with exclusive concerts, comedic stand-up sets, artist interviews and smoke sessions to celebrate the big day. Best of all, it’s completely free. So, tune in for a massive global online cannabis party.

Couch Locked by COOKIES

Cannabis mogul & chart topping rapper Berner, founder of COOKIES will be hosting a virtual 4/20 comedy special event, “Couch Locked”. If you’re a stoner stand-up fan then tune in for some top level comedic performances from the likes of Bob Saget and Donnell Rawlings, and the pay-per-view event hosted by Berner will be streamed live from Downtown San Francisco.

SPLIFF Film Festival

The SPLIFF Film Festival returns with another batch of indie stoner flicks made by the stoned, for the stoned. SPLIFF brings together artists, filmmakers and animators to make film shorts that celebrate all things cannabis, and it’s the perfect stay-at-home festival for stoners who love watching movies they haven’t seen before.

Live 420 Events

Chronic Palooza

The Jack Herer Cup, Chronic Palooza, is coming to Oklahoma this year. The travelling cannabis awards will be bringing a full 20+ band live music festival to the Crossroads Mall in Oklahoma City, and will culminate with an awards presentation for the best bud. Rosin Tech and Dab Nation will be representing at this event, so come down and enjoy some solventless rosin while you take in the entertainment, and be sure to say hi!

National Cannabis Festival Drive-in Party

In a stroke of social distancing genius, the National Cannabis Festival will be holding a 4/20 drive-in party. So, if you’re a fan of the classic drive-in cinema experience then get yourself to the RFK Stadium Festival Grounds in Washington DC, where they’ll be showing a double feature of How High and The Big Lebowski, along with plenty of live music and smoke outs.

420 Earth Expo

Colorado’s leading celebration of mother earth and plant medicines returns with a private 4/20 event: 420 Earth Expo. CO NORML will be holding seminars on legalization challenges, cannabis cooking classes, ganja yoga along with live entertainment, all ending with an evening dinner provided by Ms. Betty’s Cooking. The event will be spread into 3 separate sessions to safely social distance attendees, and will be held at OH Zone, Lakewood CO. 

Glass House Fest

If you’ve been missing live music, then check out Glass House Fest who will be holding a 4/20

live music festival featuring Flying Lotus, Duckwrth, and Blackillac. The outdoor socially distanced event will take place at Jam In The Van in LA, so get yourself down to the full length concert for a real cannabis celebration.

That’s our rundown of the best 4/20 events taking place this year. Whether virtual or live there’s still plenty to enjoy, so we hope you have a fantastic cannabis holiday.