Temperature is a key aspect of successful solventless rosin pressing, and shooting for lower temps can significantly improve the clarity and flavor of your end product. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of pressing at a low temp. 

The Importance of Temperature

Applying the correct temperature range to your particular starting material will make or break your end product. That’s why top rosin makers are fastidious about nailing their temps. Often however, the perfect temperature to create beautifully clear, potent, and full flavored rosin is lower than you might think. 

Rosin Temperature: Standard Temps

Consistently hitting correct temps for your starting material, whether it be flower, bubble hash, or dry sift, can be incredibly difficult due to the inherent inconsistency of cannabis. After years of experience however, here at Rosin Tech we’ve established some standard temperature ranges that serve as good guidelines for successful presses, and we’ll refer you to our Rosin Pressing: Key Temperatures Guide so that you can get dialed in.

What About a Low Temp Rosin Press?

You may be wondering if you can simply get a low temp rosin press to make things easier. Well, we’ve got some good news (or bad news depending on how you look at it): all rosin presses are fully capable of low temp pressing but there is no such thing as a specially designed low temp rosin press. So, in a sense there are no low temp rosin presses and every rosin press is a low temp rosin press. 

Rosin Pressing: Benefits of Low Temps

Once you’ve got to grips with the standard temperature range however, it’s time to take things further, because pushing the low end of those scales can yield significant improvements to the solventless rosin you make. 

First of all, going lower greatly improves clarity which makes for more visually appealing rosin by avoiding darkening and discoloration. Furthermore, low temps are kinder on terpenes which are responsible for much of the flavor and aroma of cannabis, and retaining as many as possible will make your end product burst with flavor.

So, raise your solventless rosin game by experimenting with low temp pressing, and maximize the clarity, potency, and flavor of your beloved cannabis concentrates.