From DIY hair straighteners in a bedroom to pro-grade pneumatic presses in a lab, there’s a number of levels to rosin extraction. And whether you’re a simple on-the-go dabber, home desktop rosin enthusiast, or even a big commercial producer, there’s a perfect setup that can be tailored just for you. Here at Rosin Tech, we believe there are three distinct types of solventless extraction setups: mobile, home, and lab level. Each of these setups require particular equipment considerations, so let us take you through a typical example of each.

Mobile Solventless Extraction Equipment

Small on the go setups hark back to rosins roots because you don’t need a large complicated rig to squeeze out the good stuff. With a compact, light, and maneuverable press you can be pressing solventless rosin anywhere, anytime, and the RosinTech Go™ 2 epitomizes the mobile extraction setup. 

Don’t let this press’ size and simplicity fool you however, because it packs a real punch and is equipped with digital time and temperature control. Furthermore, you don’t need much else to complete the mobile setup, just a few extras and you’re good to go. Check out our On The Go Kit which includes everything the practical dabber could need, from filterbags and parchment paper, to dab tools and more.

Home Extraction Setup

The more enthusiastic rosin makers out there will probably want to look at home extraction setups. These usually consist of a larger and weightier desktop press, and a more comprehensive set of rosin extraction accessories. With the shift up in levels comes a fairly big step up in terms of equipment. A larger press with extra capacity and performance is needed, like the Rosin Tech Smash™. That’s because home level extraction is about more than just squeezing a few nugs. 

Subsequently, pressing rosin at a higher level also precipitates the need for some extra and larger accessories. With this in mind, we’ve curated the Flex Kit which includes everything an entry-level home presser could need. It also includes a small dry sift tumbler so you can press from hash and really take your rosin making to the next level. 

Lab Extraction Setup

The full laboratory grade setup is the creme de la creme of extraction. It’s the preserve of the large scale rosin producer, and the kind of person who’s on a quest to make the best rosin imaginable. For this, the lab setup requires much more equipment than a simple mobile or home setup. Not only does a commercial manufacturer require a suitable lab grade press like the RosinTech Pro Touch™ or Daxtractor™, but they also need to employ advanced trichome extraction methods such as ice water extraction. 

Pressing from bubble hash simply produces the best rosin possible, but it also requires extra hash washing equipment, reverse osmosis systems, freeze dryers, and much more. We have curated The Lab Equipment Starter Kit which includes everything needed for a pro lab setup, and we would also point you to our Complete Solventless Extraction Lab article for an in depth look at lab grade solventless rosin.

If you’re just looking to press a few nugs with the least amount of hassle, then a mobile setup is probably your best bet. On the other hand, if you want to try a little harder, and elevate your personal rosin making to a higher level, then a home setup is what you need. And of course, if you’re looking to move up to pro level, then it’s time to invest in a lab extraction setup.