If you purchase solventless rosin from a dispensary, then you’re almost certainly going to receive it in a plastic container. They’ve become the standard offering for dispensary rosin because plastic containers are far more cost effective than their glass counterparts. However, as you will discover, plastic is not the most suitable material to be storing your prized dabs in. So, if you’re relying on plastic containers to hold your rosin safe and snug, then here’s why you should be using glass instead.

What’s Wrong with Plastic Containers?

Obviously from a commercial standpoint, choosing plastic containers to package concentrates makes sense. They’re much cheaper, lighter, and are far better for a concentrate company’s bottom line than packaging produce in costly glass containers. 

For the dabber however, plastic is a far less practical storage solution. In fact, it can be a downright frustrating material to work with when it comes into contact with hyper sticky solventless rosin. Simply trying to retrieve all of your concentrate from within a plastic container can be an arduous task, some stubborn concentrate will inevitably be left behind, and that alone is reason to shun them.

Plastic Leaching

Beyond practicalities however, one of the biggest reasons not to use plastic containers to store your rosin in is because of leaching. Contrary to popular belief, plastics do actually break down over time, and this can have serious consequences for food, drinks, and rosin packaging. Over time, plastic containers can leach BPA, Phthalates, and other manmade plastic additives into the consumables they are packaging, especially when heated. 

There’s mounting scientific evidence that this is a major health hazard, and has even led medical professionals to advise people to reduce their exposure to plastic food packaging where possible, and also to avoid heating food in plastic containers. Rosin is a consumable just like food, and you really don’t want plastics leaching into your beautiful dabs before you vape them. 

Why Glass is the Best Way to Store Rosin

Glass, on the other hand, is an incredibly stable and inert material that doesn’t leach any by-products into your concentrates, making it an excellent choice for long term concentrate storage. Glassware is also highly durable and not prone to wear-and-tear like plastics are.

Best of all, glass containers are endlessly re-usable, which is excellent news for those who regularly press our own rosin. Not to mention, you can heat glass up to make your concentrate more easy to handle without worrying about plastic contamination, and also use them to decarb or cure your rosin if you wish. 

On the Go? Use Silicone for Storing Rosin

Frankly, the only downside that exists to using glass rosin containers is that when dropped, glass is likely to break. Obviously, plastic containers can be useful in this case, but when it comes to a non-breakable short term on-the-go storage solution, then you should be looking at silicone containers instead. They’re super practical when traveling, and perform far better than plastic for storing rosin because the silicone has non-stick properties that make handling concentrates a breeze.

Storing Rosin: Glass is King

Whether it be long, or short term storage, glass is the absolute best choice of material to store your rosin in. It won’t negatively affect your dabs, or potentially harm your health like plastic containers can, and they can be re-used which also makes glass containers more environmentally friendly. Plastic containers on the other hand should be avoided as much as possible, even for short term storage.