In a world that’s placing more of an importance on healthy living each and every day, more and more people are beginning to do the same thing when it comes to their cannabis consumption. This is also directly evident when it comes to concentrates, as more and more cannabis enthusiast flock to the concept of creating their own, solventless extracts right from the comfort of their very own living room. Which makes it one of Cannabis 2020’s perfect hobbies to pick up! 

Now, did you know that in Southern California, the average price of rosin will run you anywhere between $50.00-$110.00 USD per single gram? Did you also know that the average price of an ounce of flower in the same state ranges anywhere from $150.00-$200.00 USD. Lets just say that when that entire ounce is pressed it yields somewhere between 15%-20% which is around par for the course when it comes to pressing flower material. That means that out of 28 grams of flower you’d get about 5.6 grams of fresh, solventless extract. Maybe even more. But the question still remains: what’s the best setup for this little side gig? 

Let’s start with the most important part: the Press itself. If you’re making rosin it’s important to have quality equipment. Period. A press that’s durable, efficient yet just the right size for the convenience of at-home extraction is the absolute sweet-spot when it comes to choosing the right press for your side hustle. Something like the Rosin Tech Smash and it’s two tons of pressure is perfect for this scenario. And at only $545.00 USD, you can essentially have your Smash pay for itself right out of the gate. 

Now, it’s important to note that as with any hobby, there’s some sort of cost to kick it off. It’s 2020, nothing’s free anymore, right? With that said, first time rosin pressers or newer users in general are often shocked at just how manageable the start up costs are of an at-home set up. Let’s take a look at our most recommended home use set up and the basic retail cost associated with such. (Rosin Tech Products also offers wholesale service as well.) 

The Smash x 1 $545.00

RTP Pre Press Mini x 1 $29.00

RTP Filter Bags x 4 $60.00

RTP Parchment Paper x 4     $100.00

Skillet Pro Tools Set x 1 $17.00

Slick Sheet x 1 $25.00

Glass/Acrylic Wax Containers x 100      $12.00-15.00

TOTAL: $785.00

That means for roughly $785, your initial investment will be worthwhile in as little as four presses of seven grams each! Talk about Returns? It’s exactly the reason why cannabis concentrate users are turning more and more to pressing their own rosin. It’s not just a healthier way to dab, but healthy for your wallet, too.