Cannabis infused cuisine has exploded in recent years both in restaurants and in the home. If you’re an avid foodie and cannabis enthusiast who enjoys cooking, then one of the best ways to incorporate cannabis into your recipes is with infused cooking oils, and they’re tremendously easy to make with solventless rosin. So, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about solventless cooking oils and how to make them.

Cannabis Cooking Oil 

Infused cooking oils open up a world of cannabis culinary possibilities and with them you can turn pretty much any meal into an edible easily. Cannabis can be infused into almost any oil too, from olive or canola oil, to coconut oil and many more. Best of all, cannabis cooking oils are simple to make yourself if you infuse them with solventless rosin. 

Benefits of Solventless Rosin

With fresh squeezed rosin we’ve already made a concentrated cannabis oil that melts right into cooking oils with just a little heat, and that makes the infusion process incredibly simple when compared to using flower. Furthermore, because rosin is free of green plant materials it won’t contaminate the color or flavor of your oil with chlorophyll, and this results in a much better tasting oil that’s full of terpenes.

How to Make Solventless Cooking Oil

1. Decarboxylation

Firstly you will need to decarboxylate your solventless rosin. This involves heating it up to 230 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 30 to 45 minutes, and is critical for unlocking the full potency of cannabis in edibles. If you are unsure how to do this then check out our guide, How to Decarboxylate Rosin for Making Edibles, which covers the process in depth.

2. Infusion

Once “decarbed”, solventless rosin can be easily infused. Just pour a cooking oil of your choice into a saucepan, gently heat it up, and then add your rosin to it. There’s no need for high temperatures or long times here, just make sure your rosin is mixed well and fully combined, and then allow the infusion to cool.

3. Storage

Lastly, re-bottle the cannabis cooking oil and leave it in a cool, dark, dry place to fully infuse. After a month or so you will be left with some wonderful aromatic rosin infused cooking oil that will spice up any recipe. Just remember to give it a good shake before use. 

Make Everything Into an Edible

With solventless cooking oil you can easily add cannabis to any recipe to make incredible infused meals. So, whether it be for a special occasion, or daily medication, make everything into an edible with solventless cooking oil.