2020 saw unprecedented numbers turning to the convenience of cannabis delivery services. Now, Rosin Tech Labs is bringing premium quality cold-cured live rosin from our labs to your door with online ordering and home delivery. With numerous benefits to home delivery of cannabis products, these services are here to stay.

If you’re still on the fence about using a cannabis delivery service, you’re not alone. Many people approach the idea of fresh live rosin delivered to their door with skepticism. Who can blame them after living for decades under oppressive conditions in a country that actively demonized cannabis? And even though we’re a long way away from where we were in the ‘90s, we’re still holding our breath waiting for federal cannabis legalization. But if you live in California or any of the other states that have legalized cannabis delivery, it’s time to believe the hype. You can now have live rosin, just as fresh as any you’d purchase from a high-end dispensary, delivered to your front door. Now, Rosin Tech Labs is making it easier than ever for you to enjoy a pristine product without ever leaving your home.

The Cannabis Delivery Surge of 2020

It was late on Thursday, March 20, 2020 that the cannabis industry, along with the entire state of California, changed in a way that few predicted and absolutely no one had experienced in this lifetime. This was the fateful night that Governor Gavin Newsom issued a call for a statewide shutdown. Whether rapidly or gradually over the coming months, every facet of life as we knew it shifted. But one of the quickest changes came with the frenzied embrace of cannabis delivery services. That Thursday, Weedmaps saw a surge in orders unlike anything they’d witnessed in their 12-year history, surpassing the usual 4/20 sales by over 50 percent. In California alone, cannabis sales were up 204% over the prior Thursday. The people of the Golden State had declared cannabis essential long before their government followed suit.

The global pandemic may have fast-tracked people’s embrace of cannabis delivery services, but it would have happened with time anyway. You need only look to the popularity of food delivery services like Postmates, Grubhub and DoorDash or the mega company Amazon who showed you could have virtually anything delivered to your door… and quickly. Amazon more than any other company illustrated that we are living in the home delivery age… a point they were proving well before the pandemic hit it home. But you can’t get your cold-cured live rosin from Amazon. And as the people of California made clear, rosin is every bit as essential as toilet paper.

Photo Captured by Kyle Hersch.

The Golden Age of Rosin Tech Labs

During those early days of delivery fervor, Rosin Tech Labs was still honing its formulas in an effort to bring a pristine product to the market worthy of their passion. A close cousin of our very own Rosin Tech brand, Rosin Tech Labs is where we combine the knowledge, cutting edge technology and lust for the solventless life to create an unparalleled product. Imagine if you could go back to your first golden hit of rosin and live it all over again with the knowledge and discernment you have today. We poured our heart, soul and years of education into our live rosin formulas to infuse that feeling of purity into every hit. While Rosin Tech Labs is situated in Los Angeles, we curate our sources from the most reputable farms across the state. Most of our material comes directly from the Emerald Triangle where cannabis flower is nurtured to produce some of the most exotic and lush terpene profiles in the world. Our team of skilled Solventless Extract Artists painstakingly control every variable to maintain the consistency of our premium hash and rosin. Only the highest echelon of our materials makes it into the rosin press, so you know that we’re bringing you only our best. And now we’re making it easier than ever for you to enjoy our top shelf rosin without ever having to step out your door.

Ordering from Rosin Tech Labs is Easy

Rosin Tech Labs is finally offering easy, discreet and safe delivery services:

(1.)  Visit the Rosin Tech Labs site.

(2.)  Click either the “Shop Now” button at the center of the page or the “Full Delivery Menu” in the upper right corner

(3.)  Choose which product(s) you’d like to order from our menu as well as the quantity of each

(4.)  Click the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen to checkout

(5.)  Enter your address, identification and payment info

(6.)  Complete your order

(7.)  Receive your e-mail with your delivery date (3 – 5 days from the date you place your order)

Your rosin will be delivered in a plain vacuum-sealed plastic package by one of our professional drivers in a discreet unmarked van. You can expect your rosin to arrive at its freshest since it travels in temperature-controlled coolers to keep it under 45°F for the entirety of the transit time. A signature is always required at the time of delivery.

More Reasons to Consider Getting Your Cannabis Delivered

If you’re still not ready to give cannabis delivery a shot, here are some of the benefits to this modern convenience.

·         No more waiting in long dispensary lines

·         As the pandemic continues, it’s a much safer option

·         Products are certified, lab-tested and cultivated by professionals

·         It’s an optimum choice for medical patients who can’t operate a motor vehicle

·         It can be more discreet than waiting in line outside your local dispensary

·         It’s more comfortable and convenient than leaving your home

As the vaccine rolls out and California gradually re-opens, a small percentage of people are likely to begin returning to brick-and-mortar dispensaries and shops. But cannabis delivery isn’t going anywhere. People have had a taste of convenience and that doesn’t fade easily. Save yourself the hassle and treat yourself to some gourmet-level live rosin in the process by trying out Rosin Tech Labs delivery service today. You’ll be thanking us 3 to 5 days from now.

Photo Captured by Kyler Hersch.