While 420 has become the de facto holiday for all stoners, 710 has emerged as the day to celebrate cannabis concentrates, and for dab heads, it’s our favorite time of the year. So, if you’re looking to give your concentrate loving significant others something special for the big day, then choose the perfect presents with our 710 gift guide.

Rosin Tech Labs: Banana OG

Why not make it simple and gift your beloved dab head with some of the finest live rosin there is? Rosin Tech Labs curates a number of exemplary strains to produce high-grade dab ready rosin, and our newest addition is Banana OG. This terpene loaded strain creates an incredibly unique ripe banana flavor and aroma, as well as a calming body high for those indica-dominant fans.

Rosin Tech Labs: Garlic Juice #7

Another dab ready option is our Emerald Cup winning Garlic Juice #7. Don’t let the name put you off, because this is a seriously herbaceous strain with strong tropical fruit notes that will melt you into the couch. These 1 gram fresh pressed rosin pots make wonderful gifts for 710, so be sure to check out our complete range for more options.

Dab Rite

Hitting the perfect temp makes the difference between a good dab and a great one. The Dab Rite digital thermometer provides pinpoint accuracy, and is specifically designed for use with dab rigs. With its flexible IR sensor, the Dab Rite can be easily positioned to read banger temps no matter the size or shape of your rig, and also includes a handy carb-cap holder for convenient dabbing.

Fusion Torch & Banger Combo

No dab head can go without a torch and banger, and this Fusion Combo makes for an always appreciated gift on 710. A high quality quartz banger is paired with an excellent butane torch that includes a safety lock, anti-flare technology, and a heat resistant nozzle for some of the safest dabs around.

RTP Go 2

If you have a friend who loves dabbing, then why not help them get into making flower rosin themselves with a rosin press? The RTP Go 2 is the perfect jumping off point into the world of solventless rosin making, and it’s simple rugged design and fool proof operation means anyone can press their own concentrates.

RTP Cooling Plate

On the subject of rosin making, if your beloved is already well versed in the art of pressing rosin, then why not get a gift for an advanced rosineer? The RTP Cooling Plate rapidly cools down fresh pressed rosin in order to produce a finer dab due to increased terpene retention, and is perfect for those looking to take their rosin making to the next level.

CARTA Helios

Experience a vape of the gods with the best in class Focus V CARTA Helios portable vape rig. An all in one e-rig like this takes all the hassle out of dabbing, and the CARTA’s portable design and replaceable batteries mean you can dab anytime, anywhere. Best yet, the Helios is a limited edition, making it an exclusive gift for the big day.

Here’s wishing you and your friends a happy 710 from all of us here at Rosin Tech.