Why is it so important? 

When it comes to extracting premium rosin, the phrase “quality in, quality out” is heavily tossed around, and for good reason. With that said, the quality of your starting material is not the sole dictator of your end product. Temperature also plays a pivotal role in solventless concentrates both in the overall quality as well as taste. But with so many types of starting material to choose from, and often inconsistent test results for said material, developing a methodical and consistent approach to pressing rosin can remain difficult, especially when it comes to selecting the appropriate temperature to press with. So let’s take a little deeper look at how different temperatures yield different results. 

Suggested Temperatures: 

Flower:  While temperatures for flower can sometimes be difficult to gauge because of the inconsistencies in starting material, we’ve found that typically, higher temps work best. These temps usually range from 205F-215F. This is especially true for starting material that’s a bit older. But when flowers consist of fresh, pungent trichomes, users can feel free to experiment with lower temps, specifically around the 190F-200F mark. However, when pressing flower with lower temps, it’s recommended to include both a pre-press routine as well as a second press in order to really maximize your yields. 

Bubble Hash: Typically coined the most delicate starting material to work with, Bubble Hash or Ice Water Hash, is pressed at “cold” temperatures, or roughly twenty degrees below it’s flower-based counterpart. Pressing somewhere between 160F-170F usually yields gorgeous, almost clear colored rosin that solventless enthusiasts dream of. Higher temperatures somewhere between 170-180F can be used, but it’s worth noting when doing so users run the risk of essentially burning off flavorful terpenes while compromising the color of their extracts.

Dry Sift: Often taking a backseat to the other two Pillars of Starting Material, dry sift should be considered the awkward, middle-child when it comes to temperature. It’s not quite as delicate as ice water hash, but not as bulky and wholesome as flower. This means when it comes time to press, we suggest somewhere between the realm of 175F-190F for maximum yields without sacrificing too much of your material’s terpene profile.