While pressing flower is the easiest way to make solventless rosin, there are a number of subtleties to the process that can really improve your press. An often overlooked step involves pre-pressing your cannabis flower, but what is pre-pressing? And how do you do it? Let’s take a look at how to use a pre-press mold.

What Is Pre-Pressing?

Pre-pressing is a technique that helps to prepare your cannabis flower for pressing into rosin. It involves lightly squashing buds into an even shaped block which helps to improve your rosin output. Consistently distributing flower in this way allows heat and pressure to be applied more evenly, and this results in a more successful pressing with higher yields. 

What Is a Pre-Press Mold?

A pre-press mold is a handy two-piece accessory that makes pre-pressing cannabis as simple as possible. Here at Rosin Tech, we stock a number of differently sized press molds so that every level of rosin maker can benefit from pre-pressing. There’s an XL for larger producers, large and small sizes for general rosin making, and even a mini press that’s perfect for home hobbyists.  

How To Use a Rosin Press Mold

Thankfully the process of using a pre-press mold is incredibly simple. Just place your cannabis flower inside the mold’s bottom half, place the plug-like top half on top of it, and then press down to shape your cannabis into a solid block. Make sure not to apply too much pressure here, as over pressing your flower can cause its oils to get stuck inside and will actually reduce yields instead. You’ll need to press down firmly but try not to be too heavy handed. 

Rosin Pucks

The resulting block of cannabis is often referred to as a rosin puck, as they can look like green hockey pucks. These compressed blocks are much better suited to the flat plates of your rosin press, and pressing with them results in a more even flow of rosin off of your plates.  Ultimately, this brings benefits to both the quality and quantity of your end results, so pre-pressing is well worth the effort. 

Be sure to check out our complete range of rosin pre-press molds so that you can improve your flower rosin making and maximize your yields. Because who doesn’t want that?