Solventless extracts are cleaner and purer than extracts produced through solvent-based methods, but they’re not always convenient. Because of the thick viscosity of rosin, enjoying solventless extracts in a vape pod or vape pen has been impossible. That’s all finally changing with the advent of the rosin cartridge. But now that we know rosin carts are possible, the real question is: what took so long?

A Thompson Duke cart filling machine in-use.

When you run through your dabbing or vaping rituals today, it may be difficult to recall how much the technology you’re using has evolved over the course of the last few years.

Remember dabbing without a carb cap? Carb caps are deeply engrained into the dabbing process now, but it wasn’t that long ago that we were dropping dabs onto red hot titanium nails, not even thinking about the possibility of a carb cap because everything would evaporate instantly. Soon, we learned that you’ve got to “waste it to taste it” but low temp dabbing used to be a completely alien concept. It makes sense that, within this relatively young method of cannabis consumption new technology is being discovered all the time. Cannabis extraction was esoteric a decade ago. Today, you can choose between a myriad of extraction techniques with solventless extraction being one of the freshest methods. When you start to examine the newest technology involving the newest type of extract in the newest method of cannabis consumption, you’re basically surrounded by new ground.

Perhaps it was a stumble that cracked the code that made rosin carts possible. One thing’s for sure: the originators of Jar Tech didn’t formulate the technique with the express purpose of putting solventless cannabis oil into vape cartridges. But Jar Tech offered the solution to combining the clean, pure results of solventless extraction with the portable convenience of vape pods and vape pens. Viscosity had always been the challenge to surmount. Rosin is typically thick in consistency, so adding it to a vape cartridge used to be as futile as loading flakes of shatter. But since Jar Tech can be used to effectively manipulate the consistency of rosin, the possibility of adding rosin to a vape cartridge suddenly became a possibility.

Extraction artist Ben McCabe examining a fresh batch if solventless “pen juice”.

We’ve already explored Jar Tech in depth, but it’s basically a means of curing your rosin which can manipulate its viscosity. If you expose your bottled rosin to too much heat for too lengthy of a time, you’ll end up with pen juice; a clear oil similar in look and thickness to distillate. It’s a running joke that the results of overcooking during the Jar Tech process are best loaded directly into a vape pen. But with rosin carts being introduced to the market, it’s not really much of a joke anymore.