Filtering is a critical aspect of quality solventless rosin making. Correct filtering practices can vastly improve the purity of your end results, and getting to grips with this tricky art is a must for those looking to up their rosin game.

What Is a Rosin Filter Bag?

Rosin filter bags are an accessory that you can use to further purify your solventless rosin. They are typically nylon or polyester meshes that filter out impurities and plant materials as you press, and they can greatly improve the overall quality of your rosin when used correctly.

Benefits of a Rosin Filter

The principal benefit of using a rosin filter bag is that it creates a screen that holds back plant materials while allowing cannabis oils to pass through. All the magic of cannabis is contained in its resins, not the plant itself, and the better you can separate these two, the cleaner and more refined your end product will be.

Choosing the Right Rosin Filter Bag

Selecting the correct filter bag for your situation can be a little tricky, however. Not only will you need to consider the size of your press, but also the material you’re pressing. Flower, dry-sift, and bubble hash all require individual mesh sizes which further complicates matters, so we’d recommend checking out our how to choose your filter bag article which covers the subject in depth. 

How to Use an RTP Rosin Filter Bag

Just like choosing the correct bag, using a rosin filter also has its nuances. Correctly filling and preparing your bags for pressing is an art in itself, so again be sure to check out our in-depth past article on how to pack filter bags​​it’ll teach you everything you need to know!


Here at Rosin Tech we stock a huge variety of RTP rosin filter bags that cater to a variety of press sizes and situations, so, once you’ve read up on how to select and use one, be sure to check out our complete range and start making better solventless rosin, today!