After years of political wrangling, Mexico is closer than ever to legalizing cannabis

In 2018 Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that cannabis prohibition in the country was unconstitutional. Since then, Mexico has been making painfully slow progress towards national legalization, but on March 10, a bill to legalize cannabis nationwide passed its most difficult hurdle, and now there’s clear light at the end of the tunnel for legal weed in Mexico.

The Bill

An initial cannabis bill had been put before the senate last year but was found to be lacking in a number of areas. As a result it was sent to the chamber of deputies for amendment, and after a long process of review the bill was finally ready to be signed off, and was voted in by the chamber 316-129. It now passes back to the senate for approval, and then will need to be signed into law by the president.

What Will Legal Weed Look Like in Mexico?

The proposed measure would allow adults to possess up to 28 grams for personal consumption, and be able to grow up to four plants at home. Furthermore, the bill makes provisions for licensed commercial producers from small to large scale cultivation, and will also create a regulatory framework for sales and quality standards. Public consumption will remain illegal however.  

Mexico: The Largest Legal Weed Market in the World

Mexico legalizing cannabis is a very big deal. With a population of over 120 million, the country would overnight become the largest legal cannabis market on the planet, dwarfing that of Canada. Additionally, if successful, it could also prompt other Latin American countries to follow suit, and may even play a hand in advancing US federal legalization, too. 

What Happens Next?

The bill has now been passed back to the senate for approval. It’s obviously some way from getting over the line, but seeing as the governing Moreno party has a majority in the senate and the president is also an outspoken supporter of legalization, it seems highly likely that the bill will be passed in the coming weeks and months.

Exciting times then for legal cannabis in Mexico, and North America as a whole. We’ll be following up the story as it develops, so be sure to join us again in future.