The OG dry-sift collectors straight out of Amsterdam

When it comes to modern trichome separation, there’s not many people more influential than Mila Jansen, “The Hash Queen” of Amsterdam, and the inventor of the dry-sift tumbler. Mila’s machines have become ubiquitous throughout cannabis concentrate making for their rapid and economic trichome extraction, and while many different companies now offer their own version, there’s no substitute for the original Pollinator® automatic dry-sift collectors.

Pollinator Origins

The first commercially available Pollinator was unveiled in Amsterdam during the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup. However, its prototype was invented 2 years earlier in one of those uniquely stoner eureka moments, as Mila recounts:

“Due to a lack of good hash in all the coffeeshops we started making our own hash over screens, ‘till on a stoned night standing in front of my clothes dryer I realized the clothes were doing the same as what we were doing manually. The next day the first Pollinator ever got put together and it worked!”

Revolutionary Technology

What had previously taken long days by hand could now be performed in minutes, and that gave hash makers the ability to process large amounts of cannabis flower rapidly and economically. Best of all, the new machines allowed hash makers to extract surprising amounts of high grade trichomes from trim and leaves, a part of the plant that would otherwise go to waste. It wouldn’t be long before the idea took off. Within a couple of years Mila had founded The Pollinator Company and the first commercial dry-sift tumblers hit the shelves. The Ice-O-Lator® bag system, and Bubbleator® hash washing machines would follow later, and it’s fair to say that The Pollinator Company transformed western hash making during the ‘90s, and also helped usher in today’s new age of cannabis concentrates.

Pollinator® The Original

Pollinator’s flagship dry-sift tumblers make short work of trichome separation for hash and rosin heads alike. Furthermore, they represent the simplest and most economical method available for concentrate making for both small and large producers. Just fill up the drum with the highest grade you can lay your hands on, flip a switch, and minutes later you’ll be left with a mass of concentrated cannabis trichomes. 

The compact 150 g, and500 g capacity models are perfect for home use and smaller hash making projects, while a larger 3000 g model is available for commercial scale producers. All come equipped with 150 µm screen drums, and of course, a US plug is supplied alongside.  
These prestigious Pollinators® from Holland will only be in stock for a limited time, so grab yourself a piece of cannabis history while you can.