There’s lots of people who make their own presses, but are they really worth the time and effort compared to buying the real deal? And do you really save money?

We get it, a commercial rosin press isn’t cheap. Even our smallest RTP GO2™ comes in at $295, and that’s still a lot for many, especially when you consider that solventless rosin can be made with little more than a pair of hair straighteners. But as we all know, rudimentary rigs can only ever produce basic quality rosin, and when it comes to elevating their rosin game, most do decide to invest in a made for the job production press like our RTP Twist™

However, there’s a whole other breed of people who just love making their own things, whether it be furniture, electronics, or a solventless rosin press. So let’s take a look at DIY rosin press building, the costs, the know-how and the equipment needed, and of course we’ll answer the burning question: Is it worth it?

Skills Pay the Bills

The reality of DIY press making is that few of us possess the skills to actually do it. You’re going to need to know metal fabrication and electronics, you’ll also need an extensive set of tools, raw materials and workshop space, and lastly, a massive amount of spare time on your hands.

Let’s face it, most of us couldn’t wire a standard power socket, let alone a computerized digital heating unit. So unless you’re a skilled fabricator and electrician, you’re not going to be able to produce a machine that rivals the build quality, durability and functionality of a commercial press.

Make it or Break it

What many DIY press makers who lack fabrication skills go for is to purchase pre-made parts and assemble them themselves. While this makes it far easier to build a DIY rosin press, it also makes everything a lot more expensive. 

A typical prefab DIY build usually involves buying some kind of shop press, heating plates, and an electronic heating control unit, none of which are budget items. At best you may save yourself a ⅓ of the cost of a brand new commercial press, and you’ll still need to assemble it and wire its electronics, too.

The Bottom Line

When you add everything up from materials, equipment, and time, do you really save money building your own rosin press? Not particularly, but then that isn’t the point of DIY building is it. DIY builders make their own things not because it’s cheaper, but because it’s more fulfilling than buying something ready-made off the shelf, and that’s what’s important to them.  Ultimately, if you want to build your own rosin press and you have the skills, knowledge, tools, workspace and raw materials, then more power to you, but for the rest of us mere mortals there’s RTP presses.