Introducing the Rosin Tech Go™

The Rosin Tech Go™ is the first-ever rosin press that weighs under 10lbs and can fit in your backpack.

The process we went through is showcased and described below, detailing the evolution of the Rosin Tech Go™. Bringing a product from idea to prototype, and then from testing to market, is a process that we wanted to share with our fans. The objective behind the Rosin Tech Go™ was to design a rosin tech press that could be offered at a low price point, enabling consumers to make their own rosin at home as well as take the press with them wherever they may travel.

1st Prototype

The first prototype features two heat plates from a hair straightener and a Stanley Quick Clamp, which were retrofitted together. The Stanley Quick Clamp, which is typically used for holding together wood and other materials, was a quick and cheap starting place for testing. Before spending any funds or time on a new design, we recommend playing with whatever you can find on the market first and prove out your concept.

Our goal was to see how much pressure we wanted this unit to have, as well as decide what plate size we wanted to work with and we accomplished that with this initial prototype.

2nd Prototype

The second prototype included a redesigned the Stanley clamp, which was made using our own CAD drawings. Since we were satisfied with the performance we decided to take the next step and develop the body and guts for the pressure mechanism. What we realized in testing however was that this style of vice after repeated use became a hassle and was not the most user friendly.

3rd Prototype

3rd Prototype Side

Back to the drawing board! We decided to redesign the units pressure mechanism. We built a new prototype from aluminum which was much simpler to operate, using a wheel for pressure rather than springs. The result was more pressure and increased durability. However, building from metal was a double-edged sword as the unit now weighed significantly more than our previous design and all the metal was adding to the cost.

4th Prototype

This prototype was all about refining our new design. We cut out unnecessary metal, also making room for the controller to be built inside the unit.

This prototype was the final version before we went into production, just in time for the holidays!

Stay tuned for more product releases to come in 2018!!

For more information about the Rosin Tech Go™, its specs and its recommended accessories, please see below and visit for more information.

The Rosin Tech Go™



Preferred Bag Sizes: 1.25” x 3.25” Bags or 2” x 3.5” Bags
Recommended Accessories: Mini Pre-Press | RTP Parchment Squares 

 Rosin Tech Go™ Features
Pressure: 700 Lbs;
1 1/2″ x 3″ Solid Aluminum Dual Heat Plates;
Even heat distribution with micro processor precision temperature gauge;
Temperature Range: 0° – 415º F;
Digital Temperature Control & Digital Automatic Timer; 


Electrical: 110 Volts | 150 Watts | 2A
Shipping Dimensions: 12.5 inches by 7.25 inches by 8.75 inches; Weight: 12.5 lbs
RTP Operating Manual Included