Just like pressing rosin, dabbing rosin requires a few key steps that really enhance the experience quite a bit. First things first, make sure your rig device and dab tools are sterilized and ready to roll, now more than ever. In all honesty, you just don’t want to dab a gram of fresh rosin with dirty tools. This also means keeping the water in your rig as fresh as possible, because well…it’s all about the Terps! Plus it helps prevent mold spores from dirtying up your piece. Win win.  

Use Quality Concentrates

Wedding Cake flower rosin.

      Another huge factor in taking the perfect dab is having the right concentrate to dab with. Whether it’s live rosin or hash, dabs are meant to be tasted. Which is why we suggest ice water hash extracts, which seem to be the unanimous choice for flavor when it comes to concentrates. Its consistent and often out of this world terpene profiles are something to be wow’d by. If you ask us, it just might be the smoothest way to smoke. Flower rosin is also another awesome extract to dab with, as it comes packed with beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Find The Right Temp

Koala Puffs taking a massive dab at Dab Nation in Los Angeles, CA.

     Now that you’ve got your Terps all picked out, it’s time to heat up your banger. If you’ve got an e-rig like the Focus V CARTA, then you only have to wait a mere seconds for your device to be ready to go. But if you’re using some awesome glass instead, then we suggest grabbing something like a Blazer Big Shot torch which burns off a whole lot of waiting time when it comes to heating up a rig. After torching your banger for about forty-five seconds, allow it to cool for anywhere between 30-45 seconds for optimal dab temperature (usually between 480-530 degrees fahrenheit). Typically, the better the banger, the less heat it should need to reach optimal temps. A cool gadget that’s great for detecting accurate temps like the Terpometer is also something that comes in handy for any dabber. 


Clean Consistently

A typical dab set up with some cleaning supplies, like Glob Mops and Terp Wipes.

After you’re finished dabbing, we recommend using a cleaning tool, such as a Glob Mop to clean up any additional oil or residue left in your banger that didn’t vaporize. This is even more important for e-rigs, as buildup of residue can limit the shelf life of your banger. Depending on the size of the dabs taken, adding a little isopropyl alcohol after the banger cools a bit is another effective way to soak up the leftover oil.  

Now, what are you waiting for? The perfect dab awaits!