Cannabis has always been synonymous with smoking, like lighting up a joint or hitting a bowl. But for most people these days, smoking is a no-go and even vaping is an undesirable way to medicate or unwind. It’s of no surprise then that edible and sublingual cannabis products have seen the largest growth in the industry, and catering for those cannabis consumers who simply prefer not to smoke or vape is now big business.

What are Canna Caps?

One of the newest forms of edible cannabis concentrates has come in the form of canna caps. These concentrate filled capsules are easy to pop and are excellent for controlling dosage, making them hugely popular with non-smoking cannabis fans. And best of all, with the use of Rosin Tech you can easily produce canna caps yourself. So, let’s take a look at how to make ingestible cannabis capsules from solventless rosin.

What You Need to Make Canna Caps

Luckily, making canna caps doesn’t require much extra equipment beyond your rosin tech setup. You will, however, need a few things to make the process easier, as filling canna caps can be a fiddly task without these key pieces of equipment. 

First off, you’ll need a heat proof glass jar to collect and decarb your rosin in. Next, you’ll need plenty of empty 00 caps to fill and a syringe or pipette with which to fill them. Lastly, we recommend the use of a heat mat in order to keep your rosin in a warm malleable state which will make filling the caps much easier. 

Decarboxylate Your Rosin

If you’re going to use any form of cannabis in edibles, then you’re going to need to decarb it, solventless rosin included. This is because the naturally occurring cannabinoids in cannabis are incredibly difficult for our bodies to metabolize when ingested. So, in order to “activate” your rosin ready for eating, you’re going to need to fully decarboxylase it. Check out our How to Decarboxylate Rosin for Making Edibles article which covers the subject in depth and shows you exactly how to correctly decarb solventless rosin.

Three Happy Cats demonstrates filling caps the natural way!

How to Fill Canna Caps

First, place your jar of rosin on a heat mat, and allow it to warm up and return to a liquid state. While that’s happening, we can turn our attention to our fiddly 00 caps. Filling the capsules is by far the most difficult task when it comes to making canna caps, and that’s because they’re very small and require a steady hand. 

However, you can make your life much easier with this simple rice hack: Lay an even bed of rice about half an inch thick in a tray or shallow container. Now you will be able to embed the bottom halves of the empty caps into the rice, which will hold them securely upright.

Then, take your syringe or pipette, suck up some liquid rosin from your warm jar, and carefully squirt it into the upturned 00 caps. Also, try not to overfill the caps as this will most likely result in split rosin and a sticky mess. 

Canna Caps - Make Your Own Cannabis Capsules | Grow Weed Easy

If accuracy of dosage is important to you, then we recommend the use of a syringe with milliliter (mL) markings on the side because this will make it easy to fill the caps with the same amount each time. If you don’t mind a little variation however, a pipette will work just fine, too. 

Once filled, allow the rosin to cool down again before popping on the other half of the cap, and voilà! You now have solventless rosin canna caps ready to go.