The unique properties of this rosin press make it perfect for ice water hash enthusiasts. Here’s how.

Hitting the 710 scene like the tank of a rosin press that it is, the Daxtractor has raised the bar for extraction artistry by offering a machine that can actually keep up with the talents of the most creative and ambitious extractors working today. Born from the vision of entrepreneur and renowned extractor Dax Davis, the Daxtractor promises a rosin press designed by extraction artists for extraction artists. And it delivers.

Fitting All That Power Into Such a Little Box

When Dax began to pull together the concepts that would make up the Daxtractor, he set up shop in his family’s Ohio-based machine shop, giving him the space he needed to really dig into his design and make the rosin press of his dreams. It took over 18 months of research and development, but finally Dax and his team managed to crack the code that would allow him to place 25 tons of hydraulic pressure into a space-efficient box measuring approximately 12’” x 15’” x 4.5”. Thus, one of the most powerful, yet compact rosin press models on the market was born. Compressing so much power into a 12’” x 15’” x 4.5” carbon steel frame is a feat of ingenuity that stands strong as the core feature of the Daxtractor. Inch for inch, it’s one of the most powerful presses on the market for its size.

The Daxtractor in action.

Like an Extension of Yourself

But with great power comes great responsibility and, though it’s a press that can be used right out of the box with no real experience, the features of the Daxtractor become even more valuable the more experience you gain. In this way, it can serve as both an ideal beginner’s press or a nuanced hydraulic press intended for innovative artisans. The hand pump functionality alone leaves it feeling like a stick shifting weekend driver as opposed to simpler automatic presses. You can test new techniques or improve on old ones that are already working for you thanks to the feedback communicated by the hand pump, allowing for real-time adjustments to the manual press even in the middle of operation. The hand pump allows you to control the Daxtractor like an extension of yourself, a feature that’s particularly useful considering the importance of precision in the extraction process. Using the hand pump allows you the gradated control that lets you really personalize your technique, infusing your product with your signature touch. While there’s no complex installation required (you can pretty much use the Daxtractor right out of the box to start pressing), the machine is still working with so much pressure that you’ll want someone who knows his/her way around a press to be operating it.

Daxtractor rosin press in action
The Daxtractor was one of the rosin presses featured in Uncle Stoner’s U.S. Squash Off at this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup in Oklahoma City.

High Quality Presses Demand High Quality Source Material

Dax made a name for himself primarily for his work with ice water hash. This is reflected in the Daxtractor’s design which is meant to be used with premium ice water extract as its source material with the press filtering out membranes and other non-essential ingredients to leave you with pure, high-quality THC. The Daxtractor presents raised plates that allow for direct flow out both sides of the machine, making it easier to directly collect the product in glass jars for jar tech application. Jar tech is used to create rosin jam and sauce.

Daxtractor hydraulic press at High Times Cannabis Cup in Oklahoma City
The Daxtractor gives the control that extraction artists want with high performance and enough user friendliness to be suitable for beginners.

The Daxtractor is the product of a true extraction artist custom-crafting a tool that precisely controls a wide range of variables to adapt to a variety of techniques. Is an artist only as good as his/her tools? That’s not for us to say, but the Daxtractor is a press that any discerning extraction artist would consider a true asset.