What to consider when you’re looking to upgrade your Rosin Tech setup

On that long road to solventless mastery, us rosin makers often hit a wall with our existing setup, and we reach a point where upgrading our equipment is necessary in order to continue improving our cannabis concentrates. 

At this point it’s customary to look into getting a bigger and stronger press as a way to deliver that improvement. But that begs the question, does upgrading to a larger more powerful press actually make better rosin? Let’s explore press size and power to find out if bigger really is better.

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to increasing your overall output then yes, size does matter. However, buying a bigger press won’t automatically elevate your rosin game to top shelf levels. 

Increasing the size of your plates simply allows you to produce larger quantities of rosin with each press, and that’s critical for scaling up your production. Unfortunately though, that big new shiny press won’t make you a better rosin maker, in much the same way using a larger canvas won’t make you a better painter. 

More Power!

You’d be forgiven for assuming that a press with more tonnage would create more pressure right? Well it depends, and here’s why. If you can dig deep into your memories of high school physics, you may remember a mathematical formula P=F/A, which states Pressure is equal to Force divided by Area. In this case F would be the tonnage of your press, A is the size of your plates, and P would then be the resulting PSI between those plates. 

Therefore, if we increase plate size and not force, then it actually results in a lower pressure, and that’s why a bigger press tends to be more powerful. It’s not because it creates more pressure and that’s better, but because it needs the extra force to produce the same PSI as a smaller press. 

The Verdict

Ultimately, if you’re looking to increase your overall rosin output, then a bigger press with more power is a necessity. But on the other hand if you’re upgrading in the hope of improving your rosin game, then size is less important, and investing in a more capable and controllable press should be your priority. 

So, If your current setup lacks accurate digital time and temperature control or fine pressure application, then upgrading to something like our RTP Twist™ could be all you need to improve the quality of your cannabis concentrates. But for blasting out large quantities of solventless rosin, then going for a full sized RTP Pro Touch™ is worthwhile because in this case, bigger and stronger really is better.