Learn the subtle differences between hashish and cannabis flower

Newcomers entering the world of cannabis can often have a hard time getting to grips with the lingo and endless varieties on offer. Even simple concepts like the difference between hash and weed aren’t as obvious to newcomers as it is for experienced cannabis enthusiasts, and it’s a question that gets asked frequently. 

So for all the cannabis rookies out there, let’s take a look at the difference between hash and weed, and get you up to speed on the cannabis fundamentals.

The Difference Between Hash and Weed

Both hash and weed are derived from the female cannabis plant. The term weed (or pot or ganja) simply refers to the plant’s flowers which have been dried and cured, and look like those crystal coated green buds you’ve likely encountered. 

Hash or hashish, on the other hand, is made from that same cannabis flower. But the difference is, hash is made out of resins that have been collected from the surface of the flower, making it effectively a concentrated version of weed. That’s because, those surface resins are the most potent part of the cannabis plant and contain all the compounds (like THC, CBD, and terpenes) which are responsible for the plant’s signature effects. 

The other difference between hash vs weed is their appearance. While cannabis flower is typically a shade of green and clearly a plant, hashish typically comes in light to dark brown blocks or balls.

Hash vs Weed: Effects

As a concentrated version of weed, hash is much stronger in terms of its potency. In fact, some modern top shelf hashes can contain upwards of 80% THC compared to the 15 to 20% typically found in cannabis flower, meaning a smaller quantity of hash is needed to produce the same effect.

Hash vs Weed: Smell and Taste

Perhaps the biggest difference between hash and weed, however, is their respective flavors and aromas. Weed has by far the strongest scent of the two, and will kick out a pungent and unmistakable odor wherever you take it. Hash on the other hand is more subdued, and tends only to release its aromatics when heated up, making it more discreet to carry around. 

When it comes to flavor, weed tends to be more vibrant, floral, and fruity, whereas hash possesses a richer, deeper, and more mature flavor profile. Ultimately, the one you favor will be a matter of preference, and you can think of it much like the difference between wine and beer.

How to Consume Hash and Weed

Despite their similarities there are noticeable differences between how you consume hashish and cannabis flower. Thanks to the combustible plant materials present in weed, it can be ground up and smoked in a joint or bowl with ease. Hash however can need a little assistance if you’re looking to smoke it, and the long European tradition of combining hash with tobacco isn’t for everyone, so we’d recommend investing in a trusty hash pipe

If you favor vaping your cannabis products, the great news is that both of these forms of cannabis can be vaporized with the use of an appropriate vape rig. The Focus V Carta for example is a great option as it can handle not only both weed and hash, but solventless rosin dabs, too. 

In the end, it’s not so much a competition between hash and weed, but more important to realize the difference and how both long standing forms of cannabis have shaped the dab nation culture we cherish today.