If you’re making bubble hash, then you’re going to need to dry it after the extraction process is complete. And while conventional air drying certainly works, the warm temps and long durations involved will degrade the quality of your end product. Why go to all that effort of making premium ice water hash, only to ruin it with rudimentary drying practices? When it comes to dehydrating your prized hash, freeze-drying is what you should be doing, and here’s why Harvest Right freeze-dryers are what you should be doing it with.

What is Freeze Drying?

Freeze-drying, or lyophilisation to use its technical name, is a dehydration process that uses cold temperatures and low pressures. It revolutionized the pharmaceutical and food industries during the 20th century by giving us a way to preserve delicate foods and medicines long-term. 

The technique allows for the removal of water via cold temperature sublimation rather than warm evaporation, and this means temperature sensitive items can be dehydrated without damaging them in the process. This ultimately results in better preservation of structure, flavor, and aroma when compared to conventional dehydration.

Why You Should Freeze Dry Your Bubble Hash

The terpenes and cannabinoids that make up your bubble hash are incredibly volatile materials, and even the smallest amount of heat and air contact can damage them. Therefore, minimizing your hash’s exposure will help to preserve its delicate terpene and cannabinoid profile. 

That’s why freeze drying is the superior method of drying your hash, because it dries incredibly quickly, without the use of any damaging high temperatures. Ultimately, freeze drying results in a superior bubble hash when compared to its air dried counterparts.

Harvest Right: The Name Says It All

Harvest Right are simply the class leaders of consumer freeze-dryers, and their machines are well made, reliable, and perform exceptionally well with bubble hash. Their simple and straightforward design makes them incredibly easy to use, and they’re also reasonably priced for such an advanced piece of equipment. Add to that a good warranty and excellent service, and you have the only freeze dryer you’ll ever need.

Here at Rosin Tech we carry a wide range of Harvest Right machines, and we couldn’t recommend them enough. As far as we’re concerned, Harvest Right makes the best freeze-dryers on the market, so check out our range if you’re looking to take your ice water hash game to the next level.