Here at Rosin Tech Labs we curate a number of exemplary strains for pressing into solventless rosin, and Garlic Cookies is one of our absolute favourites. This award winning strain doesn’t just yield incredible results when pressed, but its unique flavor profile and heavy-hitting effects make it a must for experienced dabbers. 

What are Garlic Cookies?

This strain is a 90/10 Indica dominant hybrid that is seen as a highly potent, heavy-hitter. As the name might suggest, Garlic Cookies possess a signature sweet cookie and faint garlic aroma and taste. While that combination may not suit everyone’s palette, it makes for a unique experience, and its crippling body high is perfect for couch lockers who yearn for a near comatosed state.

The Lineage of Garlic Cookies

Garlic Cookies was created by Divine Genetics and is a cross between two venerable strains, Girl Scout Cookies, and Chemdawg, and is sometimes referred to as Chem Cookies or GMO Cookies. This mainly Indica strain also has strong Asian roots with its distant parents including Hindu Kush and Lemon Thai.

Garlic Cookies Terpene Profile

The predominant terp in Garlic Cookies is Limonene which produces a bright citric fruitiness. However, with Chemdawg in the equation this terp becomes almost diesel-like in aroma. Garlic Cookies also contains large quantities of Beta-Caryophyllene which brings the sweetness, and lastly a healthy dose of Myrcene produces an earthy sensation. It’s a heady mix of terpenes that adds up to create a unique strain, with an unmistakable garlic-like aromatic profile.

Cannabis Cup Winner

Testament to Garlic Cookies quality and potency, this strain has won numerous plaudits

You can’t go wrong with two first place finishes in the Seattle and Michigan High Times Cannabis Cups, and also winning the 2018 world cannabis cup. So, why not take a look at Garlic Cookies for your next couch locking dabbing sesh.