Freeze drying is critical to top tier bubble hash production. Not only does it speed up your schedule and increase your output, but it also results in a higher quality end product. Whether you’re a small or large scale producer, every concentrate maker can benefit from a freeze drying machine, but with so many to pick from, it can be difficult to decide on the right one for you. So, let’s take a look at how to choose the right freeze dryer for your situation.

Freeze Dry Machine: Choosing The Right Setup

Choosing the right freeze dryer is usually a matter of capacity. If you’re a hobbyist or artisanal producer, then a small or medium sized machine may be all you’ll need. However, when you step into the world of commercial scale production, a large sized freeze dryer becomes a necessity. Not only that, it also becomes beneficial to employ the use of multiple machines. It’s common for large scale producers to use a number of dryers simultaneously in order to keep up with the insatiable consumer appetite for cannabis concentrates.  


Scientific Freeze Dryers

Beyond capacity however, there’s also the matter of the outright quality of the hash you are producing. While consumer machines work fantastically, if you’re looking to create pharmaceutical grade hash and solventless rosin, then laboratory class machinery is a must. 

Scientific freeze dryers provide an accuracy and fidelity of control that a standard machine can’t match, and ultimately result in a finer end product that preserves more flavor and aroma than would otherwise be possible. For those on the premium end of the production spectrum, a scientific freeze dryer could be the difference between a great hash and the best hash on the market. 

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

Harvest Right are simply the class leaders of professional freeze-dryers, and their machines are well made, reliable, and perform exceptionally well with bubble hash. Their simple and straightforward design makes them incredibly easy to use, and they’re also reasonably priced for such an advanced piece of equipment. Add to that a good warranty and excellent service, and you can see why here at Rosin Tech we couldn’t recommend them enough.

Be sure to check out our entire range of Harvest Right freeze dryers to see which one will best suit your needs. From small to large capacity machines to high end lab dryers, there’s a Harvest Right freeze dryer for every situation.