Rosin Tech has engineered, fabricated, and produced the undeniable future of the cannabis industry: automated ice water extraction. As ice water hash and rosin dominate the concentrate industry, it’s only a matter of time before the trickle-down effect is felt industry wide. The advancement of solventless extractions has already reached the edible market and prefilled vaporizer cartridges, topicals, and all other medicinal products are in line. The Hashatron is the answer to the enormous demand for solventless extracts, no other system can provide. Hook up electricity and water and you are ready to rock with the big boys. 

Custom Models For Every Size

Known for building the highest quality rosin presses, automating ice water hash extraction was Rosin Tech Industries next mountain to climb. The future is solventless extracts and the Hashatron is here to help. This self-contained, automated, and fully customizable design allows a model and option for everyone. From the hobby grower looking to professionalize a small lab to large scale commercial operations, the Hashatron has an option for you. Gain control over the washing process like never before and ensure the highest quality results from every wash.

Touch Screen Control

The Hashatron is an industry first, automating the ice water hash extraction process normally performed by hand. Combining numerous individual extraction technologies into one system allows the brain of the Hashatron to monitor and control exact details. With its 8-inch LCD touch screen display, the brain of the Hashatron relies on software developed to monitor and oversee all aspects of the water hash washing process. The Hashatron provides the first pharmaceutical grade, stainless steel machine and solventless lab set-up ready to dominate the solventless method. 

The “Brains”

At its core, the Hashatron’s software or “brain” is controlled by the large touchscreen display. The smart design of the Hashatron’s software system is designed to monitor, record, and control variables of ice water hash production. By recording, documenting, and sharing data, the Hashatron’s an open source system of data and information. This means different producers can key in on successful settings developed and determined for different cannabis cultivars. This can save years of R&D by sharing data and configuring the most effective and efficient variables for each wash. By engineering and fabricating numerous pieces of hash washing hardware to work in unison, the Hashatron’s ready to run away with the game. 

Designed By US, For US

Rosin Tech Labs produces incredible six-star hash and hash rosin using the exact Hashatron hardware and software now available to the public. The Hashatron was engineered in house for Rosin Tech Labs to meet the strict quality standards necessary to compete with top solventless producers. The proof’s in the pudding (or fresh press rosin that is) with the Hashatron producing certifiably incredible results. Plus, you don’t just get the machinery, you get this amazing group of people with decades of experience helping to get things up and running right. 

No Plastics

The simple process of mixing ice, water, and cannabis before filtering the cannabis trichomes from the water has traditionally been accomplished with everyday objects. Plastic trash cans, plastic boating oars, and a few bubble bags is all it takes theoretically, to get up and running solventless extractions. However, mixing and washing some of the best cannabis on earth in plastic containers just won’t do. Regulation and heavy demand call for commercial and pharmaceutical grade builds. Luckily, the Hashatron is custom fabricated in-house from stainless steel to meet pharmaceutical grade requirements, while allowing the design and dimensions to meet your exact specifications. 

Customizable Sizes

Looking to make unparalleled leaps in the speed and quality of solventless extraction? Starting with the 60-gallon washing vessel on top, the triple walled design brings precise control over the temperature of the wash. Instead of relying on ice and cold water alone, the Hashatron’s smart design monitors and adjusts to keep a consistent temperature throughout the wash. The three-wall design allows built-in cooling features to work as a thermal jacket around the inner wash basket for consistent temperatures. With a built-in water-cooling system, a 20-gallon Glycol chilled collection tank continuously cools and monitors the entire process of the wash. Built in features make this machine a one man job to replace the grueling man-hours previously spent inside walk-in coolers. The man hours the Hashatron saves is worth the investment alone. 

Single Operator 

The guys at Rosin Tech added the final touch by installing a crane arm that allows the Hashatron to be operated by a single person. No ladders, no helpers, as the bulk biomass can be lifted and placed inside the washing vessel with ease. And when the cycle finishes, you can run a second wash with the same water or flush it for a fresh wash with the press of a button. Easily remove the filter basket and lower it safely to the ground. Small features like the crane arm are proof of the years of development, experience, trial, and error necessary to perfect the art of solventless hash production. 

Better Equipment, Better Hash

If you have the flower to match, the Hashatron is ready to pump out batch after batch of six-star ice water hash. No other system and no other equipment are designed for solventless automation, let alone on the scale the Hashatron can produce. It’s the final piece allowing solventless producers to command respect and meet the enormous demand for solventless hash. The Hashatron is the solventless extraction lab of the future, here today. If you’re tired of chasing, get ready to lead with the Hashatron by Rosin Tech.