You might think that rosin is only good for one thing, dabbing. But far from a one trick pony, rosin is in fact an exceptionally versatile concentrate that can be consumed in a number of different ways. So, let’s take a look at five ways to use rosin.


How else could we start a list about the uses of rosin without mentioning dabbing. Yes, you’ll need some equipment like a dab rig, nail and blow torch, but dabbing rosin is a classic for the reason: it’s the best way to enjoy everyone’s favorite solventless extract. Plus, you can’t beat that superior terp taste, making it all worthwhile.

Roll in a Joint

Looking for something more low-tech? Then why not just put some rosin in a joint for an extra kick. You can sprinkle it on top some fine bud and just roll it up like you normally do, or if heated a little, rosin will liquify and can be rolled around the outside of your spliff. You can even roll it again in kief to make a joint fit for a king.

Make Edibles

No need to spend hours decarboxylating cannabis flower and infusing it into butter. With rosin, you can add it directly to food while you’re cooking, or easily infuse it into butter or oil. You can even make tea with it if you like. Best of all, there’s absolutely no plant material in rosin to ruin the flavor of your favorite foods.

E-nail or Portable Vape

Take vaping rosin to the next level with an e-nail or portable vaporizer. You don’t need a room full of equipment to dab rosin, because portable electronic vaporizers like the GRAV® Fire-Button™ Portable are designed specifically for dabbing concentrates. Just fill up the container, close the vaporizer and allow electricity to heat it up to that perfect dabbing temp.  And voila! You can dab (almost) anywhere, anytime.

Sprinkle on a Bowl

For bong lovers out there, you can simply drop some rosin on top of a bowl of your favorite flower. While combustion isn’t the best way consume rosin, it will still light up like any normal bong hit. So, even if you don’t have a dab rig, you can still enjoy the superior potency of rosin with your trusty, old bong.

From dabbing it to smoking it to eating it, there’s more to rosin than meets the eye. Did we miss your favorite way to use rosin? Let us know in a comment below!