Black Friday’s almost here again but all we can see is the color green… the same color as premium starting material, saved money, …the Rosin Tech logo? You see where we’re going. While we prepare for this extra green Black Friday, we figured we’d walk you through a refresher of some of the hottest items for extraction enthusiasts this holiday season. You’ll find plenty of great gift ideas here, from stocking stuffers to that big present that you save for the very end! So, let’s press on to our 2021 Black Friday Guide! 


Paint the Town Amber with a Rosin Tech Go 2™ Portable Rosin Press


What could possibly be better than pressing rosin? How about pressing rosin anywhere you want? That’s the promise of the Rosin Tech Go 2™, our conveniently compact portable rosin press. The  Rosin Tech Go 2™ comfortably maintains its standing as the hottest mobile rosin press on the market with a sleek, lightweight design (under 10 pounds!) that easily tucks away into a backpack or gym bag. Not all starting material presses equally, but with the Go 2™, you can test how a new strain presses without making a commitment. Imagine being able to access a state-of-the-art personal rosin press wherever you want and you’re starting to understand why we always run out of stock on the Go 2™. But we have them ready to ship now, so give somebody you love the gift of freedom with the most portable press of the season!  


The Coolest Gifts for Impatient Extraction Artists


Waiting is tough. But few waits were as agonizing as those childhood minutes spent while fresh-out-of-the-oven holiday cookies cooled down enough to eat. I’m sure some of us feel that pain to this day! Pulling hot wax from the press doesn’t feel all that different. But adult problems have adult solutions and so we introduce a handy tool that every impatient novice extractor should have: the Rosin Tech Product Chill Slab. This 6” x 6” hunk of heat-absorbing aluminum saps that residual heat, preserving your terps and allowing you to enjoy your rosin a lot more quickly. The rapidly cooling wax is also easier to collect. So, better wax more quickly and easily? What’s not to love about the Chill Slab? More advanced rosin artisans will likely be interested in the Rosin Tech Products Cooling Plate; a state-of-the-art cooling solution that utilizes cutting edge cooling technology strong enough for commercial enterprises while being intuitive enough for personal use. The Cooling Plate offers more control than the Chill Plate, so savvy extractors can use the precision to further hone their solventless artistry. 


How We Like to Take a Break at Rosin Tech


The best way to take a break from pressing rosin is to enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. And one of the best ways to do that is with the Focus V CARTA portable dab rig. We’ve favored this electric rig for some time, but really nothing pairs with rosin from your own press quite like enjoying that same rosin on the town. The CARTA is so popular that we started including it as part of comprehensive dab kits that combine the e-rig with rosin presses, Magical Butter Machine home infusers, silicone mats, dab tools and more. But even on its own, the Focus V CARTA is the kind of gift that can easily make someone’s holiday.


Good Luck Bursting This Bubble 


For that special bubblehead in your life, you can never go wrong with Ice-O-Lator Bag Sets. You know they’re going to get use out of them, unless they suddenly decide they’ve had enough bubble hash. And the only person who thinks that’s a remote possibility is someone who’s never tried bubble hash. We’ve got bag sizes for pretty much any amount of starting dried material you could possibly want to use in a full spectrum of micron sizes. It’s a solid choice if you want a bubblicious Christmas! 


Shopping Just Takes a Few Seconds With One of Our Dab Kits


We briefly mentioned our comprehensive rosin kits above, but if you’re really dreaming of a green Christmas, you can’t beat a gift that does all the shopping for you. Take our Twist ‘n’ Dab Kit for example. This combo gives you a Rosin Tech Twist™ manual rosin press, Focus V CARTA portable dab rig, accommodating pre-press mold, 200 filter bags, 100 sheets of parchment paper and 2 Pro Tools dabbers all for a fraction of the price you’d pay for buying these products individually! Kits like these take care of everything except the starting material! 


We can’t help much with the sports enthusiast or the video game fanatic in your life, but when it comes to that special extractionist, we have your holiday shopping covered! So think green this Black Friday and take care of all of your holiday shopping with just a few clicks! Then you can get back to whatever people do besides pressing rosin… we’ve got a one track mind around here.