Can you believe it’s only been a month and change since our very first Rosin Tech Reserve drop? On the one hand, it almost seems like yesterday (especially for our lab techs who have been working tirelessly to perfect our hand-selected batches of these terp-stacked strains). On the other hand, your rosin supplies are likely running pretty low right about now. Hopefully you ordered last week when our December drop went live for just 24 hours! If you missed out, fear not: Rosin Tech Reserve is set to serve up a second round of our latest trio of our newest flavors on a soon-to-be-announced date in January to kick off the new year! In the meantime, here’s some awesome information the Labs guys gave us on all of the new Exotics that dropped this month.

These Trix Aren’t for Kids

The first strain our lab techs revealed is called Banana Trix and introduces the first of two collaborations in this drop with Northern California’s award-winning Sours farm. These Trix aren’t for rabbits and they’re definitely not for kids. Imagine the sugary mini-bombs that kicked off a Saturday morning of cartoons and video games back in the day and you’ve found the first note of this super sweet cannabis strain. But as the name promises, there will be banana. In fact, when pressed in our first look at the latest strains, Rosin Tech Labs manager Andrew described the terpene profile of this fresh pressed rosin selection by simply saying, “sweet banana candy cereal.” We couldn’t have said it any better! 

Get Lost in the Solventless Fog

The next strain isn’t so easy to define. Introducing Rosin Tech Labs’ first collaboration with the up-and-coming SoNoCoCann farm, Fog Dog has so much going on that it’s easy to feel like you’re lost in a haze… but it’s a blissful blanket of euphoric fog with a virtual parade of flavor marching right through the middle of it. It’s spicy. It’s fruity. It’s sour. And the resulting effect is hazy, as if there would be any doubt. When searching for the note at Fog Dog’s core, Andrew ventured that it was at once “grapefruit and watermelon-like”, though that’s definitely oversimplifying such a complex flavor profile. And that complexity is one of the benefits of working with new buzzworthy cultivators like SoNoCoCann who can bring fresh perspectives to go along with even fresher starting material. 

A Botanical Blast of Floral Flavor

Finally, the last strain in December’s drop and the one we’re the most excited to try, Black Roze x Hibiscus is the second of this month’s collaborations with Sours farms. This fresh pressed rosin strain, rife with exotic terpenes, presents a potpourri of flavors and aromas that Rosin Tech Labs tech Chase describes as “a bouquet of delicate citrus cucumber pomegranate with floral stank petals.” We haven’t been told much else about this botanical blast, but that makes us want to try it all the more. Since this is the most exotic strain on offer this month (and that’s saying something), it’s expected to sell out quickly, so you’ll still want to act fast. The Reserve list gives you first dibs which should help you secure your order of Black Roze x Hibiscus rosin, but we wouldn’t wait until the last minute! 

The First Rosin Tech Reserve Exclusive!

December also introduces our first official exclusive offer for Rosin Tech Reserve with the Garlic Flight; a unique opportunity to get better acquainted with the different consistencies and pressing styles that can influence the texture and flavor of rosin. Similar to a flight of beer that you’d order at a brewery, the Garlic Flight gives you 3 full-size jars of our ever-popular Garlic Juice rosin strain, each pressed using one of our signature techniques. With the Garlic Flight, you’ll get to enjoy this flavorful strain in ice water hash, cold cured and fresh pressed varieties. And since these are all representing the same knock-out strain, you’ll be able to easily detect the nuances that set the results of these diverse pressing styles apart to better understand which style you prefer. Then, with future orders, you’ll be able to choose your rosin with a heightened understanding that ensures you’ll always be getting the most from your purchase. Again, the Garlic Flight won’t be available anywhere outside of the Rosin Tech Reserve list and introduces yet another perk of signing up!

December’s only the 2nd month of our Reserve program, but it’s already shaping up to be an impressive sophomore effort from our labs team. If you happened to catch us at Hall of Flowers or the Emerald Cup Harvest Ball earlier in the month and were lucky enough to try some of this month’s strains that we had to preview, you know why we’re so excited. Reserve really is the only way to fully experience the big things we’re doing at Rosin Tech Labs. So, if you’re serious about solventless, sign up today