Correctly storing plant material is critical for preserving its delicate terpene profile and chemical content. Lazy storage practices can leave your precious stash stale and flavorless, so quality storage solutions are a must. Here, we’ll take a look at keeping your dry herb in prime condition with the use of Cvault humidity controlled containers for stashing and curing. 

Cvault Storage Containers

Cvault are the leading providers of quality plant material storage containers. Their mechanically sealed cases create both an airtight and light tight environment that will prevent the volatile compounds of plant material from oxidising into oblivion, and are constructed from rugged food grade stainless steel that will last the distance.

Cvault Sizes

There’s a huge array of sizes available too, from small 3-5 inch containers that are perfect for your home stash, all the way up to huge 21 liter curing vessels for flower cultivators and processors. In addition, mini on-the-go stash pots are available too in the form of the Cvault Twist, which brings the same quality storage of the larger containers to your daily stashing needs. 

Boveda Humidity Control Packs

Perfect storage isn’t just about preventing air and light exposure, but also about maintaining an optimum humidity level. Dry herb prefers a relative humidity of 58-62% to keep it at its freshest, therefore, humidity control is also a major consideration. 


This is where Boveda Humidipaks come in. When paired with Boveda Humidipaks, Cvault containers create the perfect environment for storing plant material at its best for the long term, and also maintains the delicate conditions required for correct curing of harvested flower.

Stashing and Curing with Cvault

Stashing and curing plant material with Cvault containers is an absolute breeze. Simply pop open the mechanical clamps and place your plant material inside, toss in a Boveda pack alongside, and then replace the lid and secure the clamps, that’s it. So, ensure your dry herb never loses its freshness, fullness of flavor, or potency by using a Cvault and Boveda combo.


If you’re interested in Cvault containers then check out our complete range, and also be sure to pair them with Boveda Humidipaks for maximum freshness.