With the internet now in almost everybody’s home, a new breed of virtual trade shows are catering to audiences who can’t make it in person to their favorite conventions. Plus, under the current climate of the global pandemic, large public gatherings continue to run the risk of exposure and cancellation. However, these strange times have given virtual attendance to events a whole new significance. But what does that mean for the cannabis industry and solventless rosin – where smelling, tasting, and experiencing cannabis is at the heart of the occasion? 

Virtual Trade Shows: Not as New as You May Think

Believe it or not, virtual trade shows aren’t a new phenomenon, and the first was actually held way back in 1993. “Convention View” hosted by Alan Saperstein and Randy Selman of Visual Data Corporation showed the world that with technology, people could visit symposiums remotely. 

Unfortunately though, the concept proved to be far too ahead of its time in the early 90’s, and it wouldn’t be until 2010 that the two virtual pioneers would return to the idea with Onstream Media, a company that provides virtualization services to traditional trade fairs. With the internet now ubiquitous in our lives, the general public has the means to join any event right from the comfort of their own homes. 

Trade Shows Now Open to the World

The greatest advantage that virtual trade fairs offer is that they are not limited by geographical location. Ordinarily, you would need to attract as many people as possible to a venue, but with additional online access, anybody can join in no matter where they are on the planet. Audiences don’t need to spend a lot of money, travel great distances, or take too much time out of their busy lives to attend. 

Ultimately, by adding virtual convention options to a real world event, you can reach a much larger audience than would otherwise be possible. Plus, with a virtual-in person-hybrid event, it’s still possible to access booths and demonstrations by using interactive chat, therefore not limiting the virtual component.

Virtual Rosin Pressing Rooms

But what about solventless rosin and the cannabis industry’s flagship conventions? These events have grown into grand celebrations as well as commercial showcases, with live music performances, and services that can put even the biggest of music festivals to shame. Even in the current circumstances, it is unlikely these kinds of events will become irrelevant or undesirable any time soon. Yet, it’s also clear that virtual attendance is an aspect to live events that cannot be overlooked. 

For us here at Rosin Tech, our travelling Solventless Experience has been a cornerstone of rosin education, and there’s nothing stopping a virtual pressing room being offered to our remote audience. We can still educate cannabis enthusiasts on the equipment, techniques, and fine points of rosin tech, without the need to be in the room.

Virtual Trade Shows for the Cannabis Industry

In other industries, virtual trade shows have become a fixture of most major conventions, allowing a much larger audience to participate and the cannabis industry will almost certainly follow in their footsteps. After all, most cannabis enthusiasts live in states and countries where cannabis is still illegal, and these people would normally need to travel enormous distances to participate in a cannabis event, if at all. 

Of course there will always be something important missing from virtual cannabis gatherings, and that’s partly being able to smell, taste, and experience cannabis and solventless rosin first hand, and mingle and network with the other guests with ease. However, that just means visiting a trade show in person will still hold its appeal. And for those who can’t make it, online access to virtual pressing rooms, trade fairs, and live events will almost certainly become the norm.