Individual Standard Operating Procedures

We have a variety of different SOPs that give detailed explanations of how to make any product from rosin to edibles. We tailor SOPs to accommodate state regulations as well as your company’s current/future machinery and production practices.

Available SOP’s include but are not limited to:

Flower Rosin
Dry Sift Rosin
Ice Hash Rosin
Fresh Frozen Ice Hash
Traditional Hashish
Refined Dry Sift
Dry Sift
Jar Tech
Dosage Formulas


We not only provide consulting for many cannabis companies, but can also source top tier equipment at the best possible pricing. SHO Consulting Services is a partner company to SHO Products. SHO Products has built a global footprint within the cannabis industry. Our products are sold in over 300 stores domestically and internationally. We elevate complementary brands, working as a distribution partner for many companies in the industry. We have built fulfillment centers on three continents, in seven different countries to effectively deliver products to our customers.


In House Consulting
We come to you. Anywhere. Anytime. Our expert consultants travel the world to provide on-site, hands-on consultations to help you accelerate your production, efficiency and your fundamental understanding of solventless extraction procedures. We tailor a customized consultation based on your company’s specific needs. We will teach you everything you need to know and more. Tell us when and where and we’ll be there. Team Educational Workshops

In a production facility not everyone has the same responsibilities but everyone is working collectively towards the same goal. Our goal is to get your team on the same page. Educational workshops are the best way to improve the cohesiveness of your company.. Educate your entire team at once on crucial information; from the basics of cannabis anatomy to advanced solventless extraction and everything in between. Cutting edge knowledge of procedures and techniques are essential to success in the world of cannabis. One workshop will help increase the efficiency of your company and improve the quality of your brand.


Brand Acceleration
Need guidance on how to take your brand to market? Maybe you have a brand and want to take it to the next level? We can help. We have personally built several successful brands from the floor up, most notably Rosin Tech Products and Dab Nation. With a combined online following of 200k across all social media platforms, we know all about brand building. We know what it takes to make your brand a household name and we can show you how. Our services provide exponential growth in brand awareness which will convert directly to an increase in sales and profitability.
Branded Products Development:

Want to launch a new product into your existing line up? Take away the guesswork. We can help you formulate products, structure your production, create and design packaging, define your brand, and reach your target audience. We guide you from start to finish.


Who is #teamSHO?
Experienced. Connected. Passionate.

We are the world leader in solventless education. We are a committed, passionate group of individuals who have been in and around the Cannabis Industry for the better part of 10 years. Our primary focus has been on solventless extraction but our diverse distribution network has allowed us to become leaders in nearly every aspect of this growing industry. We are a powerful force. From equipment and consulting, to branding and marketing, we have all the tools necessary to help your company succeed in this competitive and thriving industry.
Our #solventlessexperts are more than a group of businessmen and women with vast knowledge, we are accomplished connoisseurs of cannabis and solventless extracts. We approach all our educational training from the standpoint of your economic profitability and as conscious consumers of the very product we specialize in. This well rounded approach gives us an advantageous edge in providing unparalleled education and services. As trailblazers in #solventless extraction we put in place systems that capitalize on current trends while simultaneously preparing for the future of the cannabis market.