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Garlic Cookies: Strain History and Information

Here at Rosin Tech Labs we curate a number of exemplary strains for pressing into solventless rosin, and Garlic Cookies is one of our absolute favourites. This award winning strain doesn’t just yield incredible results when pressed, but its unique flavor profile and heavy-hitting effects make it a must for experienced dabbers.  What are Garlic Cookies? This strain is a 90/10 Indica dominant hybrid that is seen as a highly potent, heavy-hitter. As the name might suggest, Garlic Cookies possess a signature sweet cookie and faint garlic aroma and taste. While that combination may not suit everyone’s palette, it...

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Starting A Rosin Hobby?

   In a world that’s placing more of an importance on healthy living each and every day, more and more people are beginning to do the same thing when it comes to their cannabis consumption. This is also directly evident when it comes to concentrates, as more and more cannabis enthusiast flock to the concept of creating their own, solventless extracts right from the comfort of their very own living room. Which makes it one of Cannabis 2020’s perfect hobbies to pick up!  Now, did you know that in Southern California, the average price of rosin will run you...

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How to Make Your Own THC Diamonds Using Solventless Separation

THC diamonds are really making a name for themselves in the cannabis industry; these super potent concentrates are vying for the number one spot in the premium cannabis market. But while you may be forgiven for thinking THC diamonds are made with sci-fi lab tech that couldn’t possibly be done at home, you can in fact produce them from solventless rosin using the exact same equipment you used to make that rosin in the first place. So, let’s explore the surprisingly simple world of THC diamonds and solventless separation.  What are THC Diamonds? THC diamonds are a crystalized, almost...

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Harvest Right: Our Absolute Favorite Freeze-Dryers

If you’re making bubble hash, then you’re going to need to dry it after the extraction process is complete. And while conventional air drying certainly works, the warm temps and long durations involved will degrade the quality of your end product. Why go to all that effort of making premium ice water hash, only to ruin it with rudimentary drying practices? When it comes to dehydrating your prized hash, freeze-drying is what you should be doing, and here’s why Harvest Right freeze-dryers are what you should be doing it with. What is Freeze Drying? Freeze-drying, or lyophilisation to use...

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What is Whipped Buddha Rosin?

In its short life, rosin tech has evolved tremendously. From the old days of hair straighteners to today’s super advanced presses, rosin just keeps getting better. And it’s not just the tech that continues to improve and introduce new ideas, solventless rosin itself has evolved alongside.  One of the newer types of rosin to appear is whipped buddha, a pale, butter like rosin that has become a stalwart of cannabis dispensaries. But what’s the deal with this type of concentrate? Does it have advantages, and is it ultimately worth the extra effort? Let’s explore whipped buddha rosin.  What is...

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