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The Herbal Infuser: Perfect Edibles Every Time

With not much to do lately, there’s finally time to make and enjoy some nice heady edibles. But as some of you may have learned the hard way, making a decent edible isn’t simple; it involves a bunch of steps, like decarbing and infusing, leaving a lot of opportunity to accidently waste an expensive amount of bud. That’s why we’ve recently fallen in love with The Herbal Infuser, to cut the guesswork and room for error out of our new edible hobby. Say HI to The Herbal Infuser The Herbal Infuser by Herbal Infusions is a sleek, easy to...

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Harvest Right: Our Absolute Favorite Freeze-Dryers

If you’re making bubble hash, then you’re going to need to dry it after the extraction process is complete. And while conventional air drying certainly works, the warm temps and long durations involved will degrade the quality of your end product. Why go to all that effort of making premium ice water hash, only to ruin it with rudimentary drying practices? When it comes to dehydrating your prized hash, freeze-drying is what you should be doing, and here’s why Harvest Right freeze-dryers are what you should be doing it with. What is Freeze Drying? Freeze-drying, or lyophilisation to use...

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First Time Rosin Presser: 3 Forgiving Strains for Beginners

Solventless rosin making is an art and a skill, and mastering the rosin technique takes time, effort, and above all, practice. As a first time presser, rosin making can seem like a daunting prospect, but luckily, its learning curve is far from insurmountable.  If you missed part one of this series, be sure to check out our First Time Rosin Presser: 5 Mistakes Not to Make which covers many of the basic errors of rosin making, and is a great place to start if your brand new to the rosin game. Here we’ll build on that advice and explore...

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What is Whipped Buddha Rosin?

In its short life, rosin tech has evolved tremendously. From the old days of hair straighteners to today’s super advanced presses, rosin just keeps getting better. And it’s not just the tech that continues to improve and introduce new ideas, solventless rosin itself has evolved alongside.  One of the newer types of rosin to appear is whipped buddha, a pale, butter like rosin that has become a stalwart of cannabis dispensaries. But what’s the deal with this type of concentrate? Does it have advantages, and is it ultimately worth the extra effort? Let’s explore whipped buddha rosin.  What is...

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Dry Sift vs Bubble Hash

When it comes to making hash, two techniques have become the standard: Dry sift and bubble hash. Both are methods for separating trichomes from plant material to make concentrated cannabis products, but is one better than another? Dry sifting is the traditional method for making hash. Long used in places like Morocco, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, this simple process has stood the test of time. Using a fine screen to separate out the kief from the flower, it’s a super practical method. Bubble hash, on the other hand, utilizes Ice Water Extraction to perform the same task. A fairly recent...

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