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The Importance of Water in Bubble Hash Production

Bubble hash production is a difficult and complicated process with a high skill ceiling and the need for a lot of specialized equipment. While producers tend to focus on obvious critical items such as hash washing machines, freeze dryers, and quality starting material, many overlook simpler aspects of ice water extraction such as water resources. However, the importance of water in bubble hash production cannot be overstated. Ice Water Extraction: The Importance of Water As a commercial producer it’s up to you to ensure your produce is clean and safe for public consumption. That means the water you use...

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When to Harvest Cannabis Plants According to Trichome Color

Harvesting cannabis plants at the right time is a critical skill, and there’s far more to it than simply waiting a predetermined amount of time. Top cultivators pay close attention to the condition and color of their plant’s trichomes in order to decide the best moment to harvest, and here we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about trichome color and harvesting. Trichome Color Harvest As cannabis plants enter the flowering stage of their life cycle, their trichomes begin to develop and eventually cover much of the plant’s surface. During this time trichomes go through three...

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Hashinene: A Terpene Unique to Hash

For those familiar with the OG of cannabis concentrates, hashish has always possessed a unique flavor and aromatic profile that sets it apart from cannabis flower. With terpenes being responsible for the taste and smell of weed, it stands to reason that terps would account for this difference in flavor, and a recent study confirmed just that with the discovery of a brand new one that appears to be unique to hash. Cannabis Terpenes: Hashinene In 2014, a French study which sought to identify cannabis markers that would lead to improved drug detection techniques accidentally stumbled upon a discovery....

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Garlic Cookies: Strain History and Information

Here at Rosin Tech Labs we curate a number of exemplary strains for pressing into solventless rosin, and Garlic Cookies is one of our absolute favourites. This award winning strain doesn’t just yield incredible results when pressed, but its unique flavor profile and heavy-hitting effects make it a must for experienced dabbers.  What are Garlic Cookies? This strain is a 90/10 Indica dominant hybrid that is seen as a highly potent, heavy-hitter. As the name might suggest, Garlic Cookies possess a signature sweet cookie and faint garlic aroma and taste. While that combination may not suit everyone’s palette, it...

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Breaking Down Water Extraction And Its Benefits

Ice water extraction has taken over the hash making game with its unparalleled purity, potency, and yields. However, it’s a complicated process that requires both a large amount of equipment and know-how to complete, and for many, water extraction remains a mysterious technique. So, for the uninitiated: Let’s break down the method and explore its many benefits. What Is Water Extraction? Ice water extraction is a modern hash making technique that strips the plant of its trichomes. It’s these trichomes that contain all of the magic of cannabis—not the plant materials—and collecting them is the essence of hash making. While...

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