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Ultimate Rosin: What Makes The Best Rosin?

More and more dab heads are taking up rosin making thanks to the simplicity of the process, and the accessibility of pressing equipment. However, while making good rosin is relatively easy, making the best rosin is another story altogether. So, for those chasing ultimate rosin quality, here’s all the important factors that make a difference. Selecting Your Starting Material When it comes to selecting starting material to make the ultimate rosin, there’s only one viable option, and that’s the highest grade bubble hash available. Although it’s possible to produce some fantastic rosin pressing with flower or dry sift, these...

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What are Rosin Chips? And 4 Ways to Use Them

Many rosin makers might see rosin chips as nothing more than a waste product of their beautifully clear and potent solventless rosin. However, these leftovers still have a lot to offer, so don’t be in a hurry to throw them away as there’s plenty you can do with rosin chips. What are Rosin Chips? Rosin chips are the by-product of pressing flower rosin in a rosin press. Once the oils have been squeezed from your bud, you’ll be left with a flat green chip of cannabis. Despite the majority of the cannabis oils being removed in the process, these...

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Rosin Bag: The Art of Filtering

Filtering is a critical aspect of quality solventless rosin making. Correct filtering practices can vastly improve the purity of your end results, and getting to grips with this tricky art is a must for those looking to up their rosin game. What Is a Rosin Filter Bag? Rosin filter bags are an accessory that you can use to further purify your solventless rosin. They are typically nylon or polyester meshes that filter out impurities and plant materials as you press, and they can greatly improve the overall quality of your rosin when used correctly. Benefits of a Rosin Filter...

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Easy Infused Edibles With The Magical Butter Machine

If you love homemade edibles you’re going to love having the Magical Butter Machine in your kitchen. This wonderful appliance makes creating your own cannabis infused edibles a breeze, and allows you to produce everything from classic brownies and cookies, to salad dressings, topical creams and much more. Let’s take a look at easily infused everything with the magical butter machine. The Magical Butter Machine With the Magical Butter Machine you can infuse cannabis into almost anything. The easy to use two button system makes operation simple, and its high quality stainless steel construction means the magical butter machine...

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Flower Rosin: Are Filter Bags Worth It?

While micron filter bags are an absolute necessity when it comes to pressing with dry-sift or bubble hash, their use is not critical when pressing from flower, and subsequently, many flower pressers don’t even consider using them. However, filter bags have a lot to bring to the solventless table, as they can improve the quality of your flower rosin immensely.  See how micron filter bags help prevent plant material from being pressed into finished flower rosin. What are Micron Filter Bags? Rosin micron filters are typically bags composed of a fine nylon mesh, and they basically function in the...

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