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The Importance of Keeping Your Lab Cool

Terpene awareness has been growing in the solventless rosin community, and this has precipitated a shift away from both high temperature pressing and dabbing, all in the name of terpene preservation. However, heat plays a much bigger role in concentrate making than just pressing and dabbing temperatures. From cultivation and harvesting, all the way through to extraction, pressing, and storage, heat can seriously deteriorate your rosin’s terpene profile. That’s why keeping your entire extraction facility cool is of the utmost importance to rosin makers. Everything Causes Terpene Loss Terpenes are incredibly volatile and delicate substances that deteriorate rapidly. Contact...

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Want to Sell Your Extract? What You Need to Know About California Law

Since January 1st, California’s adult use market is open for business and the “green rush” is in full swing. But how hard is it to enter the legal cannabis industry as a business owner? There’s certainly a few steps involved, but we’ve broken them down to help make your dream a reality. If you make great, flavorful rosin that you’d like to sell, you’ll want to apply for a Type 6 license in California for “non-volatile” extract production. If you’re looking into producing shatter, or Butane Hash Oil (BHO), you’re going to need to apply for a different license...

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