Felix Llanos (second from left) is the owner of Tienda Blonsh, a grow shop and head shop in Cali, Colombia. He’s been serving the cannabis community in Colombia for years with all things weed-related, from dab rigs and cultivation equipment to Rosin Tech Products like the Twist, Smash,  Go. Mr. Llanos is passionate about our favorite plant, especially introducing new cannabis products to Colombia and helping to change the stigma in his country. We interviewed him for the inside scoop on cannabis and dabs in Colombia.

  1. How long have you owned Tienda Blonsh?

Feilx: I’ve been the owner of Tienda Blonsh for seven years.

  1. Why did you want to open a grow shop/head shop?

Feilx: I wanted to open this store for the love I have for cannabis, and the need to find the best [cannabis] accessories in my country.

  1. What is Colombian cannabis culture like?

Feilx: Well, it’s a growing culture. Despite being a country with a long history of cannabis cultivation, it’s only now becoming a culture. With the arrival of stores like mine, this universe is getting bigger and, of course, better. In fact, what I like is to to be able to bring knowledge from other countries, like the U.S. where cannabis has reached other levels, and see how people in Colombia are opening their minds to these issues.

  1. Are cannabis concentrates like Rosin popular in Colombia? If yes, since when?

Feilx: Extracts are something very new in Colombia. Recently, no more than three years ago, several cannabis events have been taking place in different cities, and each time concentrates are becoming more and more popular. Currently, rosin is gaining a lot of strength. I can say that the fact that Rosin Tech Products machines already exist [here] has helped a lot.

  1. What is your favorite Colombian strain?

Feilx: I like “Punto Rojo de la Sierra” a lot, but I’m used to cultivating genetics from outside Colombia and without a doubt my favorite is “Tangie”.

  1. What’s the best (or your favorite) local strain for making concentrates like rosin?

Feilx: The truth is, again, that I like Tangie a lot for its organoleptic properties which are maintained when you make rosin.

  1. Why do you love cannabis and dabs?

Feilx: I’ve loved cannabis since I first tried it, not only for it’s very beneficial effects, but also because I really like the whole global industry surrounding it. And now, with the arrival of dabs, I see it as something novel and revolutionary that’s still part of the same industry. I really like being able to try the exact flavor and odor of each genetic and exploring them [with extracts].

  1. What are some of the most popular products in your store?

Feilx: I’m always looking to innovate with the products in my store. Each day, I look for something new and better for my clients. Currently, I can say that vaporizers have become very popular. But also, the arrival of rosin machines has caused great excitement among my clients.

  1. You can legally grow less than 20 plants in Colombia, correct? Do you grow your own weed?

Feilx: Yes, right now the law permits us, Colombians, to grow up to 20 plants for our own consumption. I always try to have my own weed, sometimes it’s possible and others no because I travel a lot. But, without a doubt, the issue of cultivation is something that I’m very passionate about. Generally, I also have one or two plants in my stores. And my goal is to be able to cultivate all year, definitely.

  1. Why do you like working with Rosin Tech?

Feilx: I like [working with Rosin Tech] because it’s a company of great ingenuity with a great team and pleasant work environment. I also really like to be able to open this market in my country, [giving] Colombians access to this type of technology that already has high standards and that contributes to the development of cannabis culture in Colombia.

  1. Do you think Colombia will legalize recreational cannabis soon?

Feilx: I think that we’re going to move very quickly. The legalization of medical [cannabis] was the start and I am sure that in a few short years, legalization of recreational-use cannabis will come.

With the help of activists and entrepreneurs like Felix Llanos, full legalization of cannabis is definitely on the horizon for Colombia and other Latin American nations. You can catch Llanos at the next #solventless experience, or at his store, Tienda Blonsh in Cali, Colombia, where he carries the Rosin Tech Twist, Smash,  Go, ALL-IN-ONE, plus filter bags and parchment. Support a member of the Rosin Tech family (#teamSHO) who’s influencing the growth of cannabis culture in South America and be part of the movement!