Adam Garfio of Rosin Tech Products on pressing flower material using the Bottle Tech method.

What is it exactly?

Bottle Tech is a rosin pressing method that allows for higher efficiency when it comes to extraction in the aspects of yield and quality. When using the Bottle Tech method, you’re compressing your puck’s footprint in an effort to increase the amount of pressure per square inch that is put down on your material. Since you’re vertically stacking your material, you allow for more room for your material to escape from the heated plates. This helps to  retain more of the flower’s terpene profile while not affecting your return.

Pressing OG Gelato with Bottle Tech on the Rosin Tech Products Big Smash.

When did you start using it?

Maybe a few months ago. I actually picked it up from this Instagramer because he’d always use it when he pressed and I remember being immediately intrigued by the concept. It was cool because he would show you all of the stats from the whole process, and I always found myself learning a good deal from those videos, so when I had an opportunity to try the method here in our Rosin Tech Product Showroom I jumped at it. Now I encourage pretty much everyone I know to at least give it a shot. 

What would you say are the key benefits of using Bottle Tech?

It just allows you to sort of cheat the pressure you’re using with the intention of getting higher yields. Obviously all presses and strains of flower vary greatly so sometimes you may or may not notice a difference. But in my experience, using the right flower with bottle tech gives you great looking, smelling and tasting rosin. 

.8g of OG Gelato rosin pressed with Bottle Tech.

Which leads to my question, which is what sort of strains provide the best yields with Bottle Tech?

I wouldn’t really say there’s a specific strain you should use with BottleTech, but I’ve noticed when using flower that’s handsomely furred with big, bulbos trichomes, usually the yield is going to be pretty nice.  So I think that’d a good place to start.