With the holiday season in full swing, check out other dates to mark on your cannabis calender going into 2020!

April 20th, or 4/20, has become the defacto party day for cannabis. It’s a day where every stoner in the world can come together and celebrate the cannabis plant in all its glory. But while 4/20 may be the most popular holiday to do so, there are plenty of other opportunities to pay tribute to our blessed herb. After all, who wants to celebrate weed just once a year?

So, if 4/20 alone isn’t enough for you, then here’s a few other notable days to mark in your cannabis calendar. 

7/10 Dab Day

Cannabis concentrates may be relatively new, but their popularity has grown to such an extent that dabbing now has its own holiday. Where 420 culture is a celebration of the cannabis plant, 7/10 is for all those oil and concentrate heads out there, so it’s obviously our favorite weed holiday here at Dab Nation! 

Street Shark glass at DabNation, Los Angeles.
Photo By: Adam Garfio

710, or OIL flipped upside down, has grown from being a simple term referring to cannabis concentrates, into it an entire subculture. And now, dabbers have their very own holiday to celebrate, the 10th of July, or “Day of the Dabs”. Rejoice!

6/18 Jack Herer’s Birthday

Jack Herer
Photo By: Salem-News.Com

If there’s one holiday beside 4/20 that everyone should celebrate, then it has to be the birthday of cannabis legend Jack Herer. “The Emperor of Hemp” dedicated his entire life to cannabis, and as an activist and author, played an integral part in its eventual legalization.

So, on June 18th, it’s high time we smoke up in honor of one of America’s most beloved counter culture heroes. 

8/8 CBD Day

In 2019, everyone and their grandmother heard of the second most prominent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, CBD. Its non-intoxicating nature and wealth of medicinal and health benefits have made it a darling of the cannabis and wellness industry. From soothing aches, pains, and sleep problems to treating epilepsy, anxiety, and other disorders; the health benefits of CBD are endless.

In fact, CBD has made such an impact that it now has its own day to shine. In celebration of this wondrous component of the cannabis plant, we now have August 8th as National CBD Day.

Dropper full of CBD oil and cannabis leaf viewed from above.

4/21 For All

While 4/20 is day of cannabis celebration, a new group called 421 For All, aims to use the day after to spread a message of diversity, inclusion, and restorative justice as legalization becomes the norm. In recognition of all those who have been arrested, incarcerated, or marginalized by past cannabis prohibition, April 21st should be a day of remembrance and a call to action.

As cannabis legalization gathers pace, let us not forget those who have been historically criminalized. Plus, our work as cannabis activists is far from over. Meaningful criminal reforms are still required in the US so that those who have been hardest hit by prohibition are not left behind or excluded from the cannabis industry as it becomes legal.  

12/6 Legalization Day

On December 6th, 2012, Washington became the first state in the entire country to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. In honor of this landmark event, you can make 12/6 your day of celebration. Of course, on the day that cannabis becomes federally legal across the country (fingers crossed), we’ll likely see a new legalization day. But until that happens, let’s still celebrate a momentous moment for cannabis in America.  

Hopefully that’s a few more dates for you to pay tribute to the wonder and joy that is cannabis. As always, let us know if we’re missing your favorite cannabis celebration days!